Make for Microservices

Make for Microservices

Developing and delivering microservices can be hard. A given service may depend on many other services at runtime, making it tough to get a tight feedback loop during development. Tools like docker-compose help, but they still leave tasks like database bootstrapping and service initialization as manual work for the user. And what about REPL-driven development, hot code reloading, attaching debuggers, and projects that include several languages and build systems? Similar challenges arise when it comes time to integrate, test, and deploy the service.

What if there was a simple, standard tool available on ~all *nix operating systems that could be used to correctly sequence and orchestrate inter-dependent development, build, and deployment tasks? There is, and it’s been available since 1976: Make!

In this talk, we’ll explore using Make as a meta-build/deploy system to solve the problems described above during the development workflow and within CI/CD pipelines.


Bobby Calderwood

May 11, 2017