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Don't be right. Be Fit. — CssDay 2021

March 11, 2021

Don't be right. Be Fit. — CssDay 2021


March 11, 2021

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  1. When can we trust our intuition? • In a regular

    and slow-changing environment • It takes a lot of time, a lot of repetition • Feedback is accurate and immediate
  2. ACT

  3. John Boyd “We can’t just look at our own personal

    experiences or use the same mental recipes over and over again.”
  4. Fit to purpose • Observe f irst • Only trust

    your intuition in no complex, repeatable and with immediate and accurate feedback • Ask “What’s the main goal?”
  5. Couch Potato Recreational Sport Beginner Runner Regular training Fitness lifestyle

    Design maturity model No resources 
 for design. 
 All resources go to business and tech needs. Occasional UX projects with limited success. UX team serves projects on an as- needed basis. Project teams get their own UX resources. Every project team member has f luent design skills. Based on Jared Spool’s Design Maturity Model https://articles.uie.com/increasing-an-organizations-ux-design-maturity-our-not-so-secret-sauce/
  6. Couch Potato • Surface causality behind design decisions • Build

    an alliance • Don’t play UX Police Unrecognized — Level 1
  7. Recreational Sport • Start to surface common user frustrations •

    Socialize journey maps • Initiate frustration-driven metrics program Spot UX — Level 2
  8. Institute saying ‘no’ when team is too late in the

    process or without resource commitment
  9. Beginner Runner • Create a UI inventory to start a

    pattern library • Shift from requirements gathering to assumption validation • Institute saying ‘no’ when team is too late in the process or without resource commitment • Socialize an experience vision throughout the organization Centralized Design — Level3
  10. Regular training • Evolve your pattern library in a design

    system • Stop giving (or expecting) recommendations Embedded UX — Level 4
  11. Fitness Lifestyle • DesignOps allows no-designers to design • Reorganize

    teams based on experiences, not product lines • Shift product delivery process to continuous improvement Infused UX — Level 5