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Curiosity, Cats and Low-tech Hacks!

Curiosity, Cats and Low-tech Hacks!

For the first ever MKGeekNight I talk about low-tech hacks, dead cats, making with Arduino, Makerbot and Bare Conductive's conductive paint including a completely pointless Saul Bass inspired capacitive touch light switch! Includes a load of URLs in the notes at the end slide.

Brendan Dawes

June 22, 2012

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  1. I’ve always been interested in how objects can talk to

    one another, even Play-doh controlling the speed of video.
  2. These days I use lots of eclectic things to make

    things connect to other things.
  3. I’ve always collected things, including little bits of code that

    I make which then goes on to become parts of other things.
  4. This is a lovely slide viewer that lights up when

    you insert a slide. It’s a switch with an integrated viewing system.
  5. Take a classic piece of Saul Bass iconography, add some

    Bare Paint, an Arduino, a relay and a lamp and you have a Saul Bass capacitive touch light switch! No, I have no idea why either.
  6. These are from those toy dispensing machines that usually contain

    Japanese / Chinese toys. They make great handy containers that also show their contents. Put an Xbee in there, or maybe an RFID tag.
  7. Super cheap toy cat from Ebay cost £3.00 but when

    you pull it apart you end up with a touch sensor, a speaker, a motor and a handy battery pack. Bargain.
  8. Various types of Arduino; the Uno, the Seeeduino and the

    rather wonderful Nanode with built in Ethernet.
  9. So by adding a bit of Sugru I can “remove”

    the unneeded features making it more relevant for my needs and less noisy. http://www.sugru.com
  10. A weather machine. Press the button and it tells me

    what the weather will be like in my area by connecting to the Internet and then rotating a wooden wheel to display a relevant icon together with the temperature communicated with an RGB LED.
  11. The Happiness Machine. An Internet connected printer. Can print out

    my train times, todo list or whatever I want. All the logic is created on the server. One button simplicity.
  12. • PICTURE OF HAL We are surrounded by objects that

    have or at least can have the ability to talk to us.
  13. When a Cinema Redux print is ready it tells me

    via a push notification to my phone using Prowl. http://avvisoapp.com/ http://prowlapp.com/

    DONE.” – Bre Pretis, The Cult of Done Manifesto http://www.brepettis.com/blog/2009/3/3/the-cult-of-done-manifesto.html
  15. THANK YOU brendandawes.com Resources Conductive Paint: http://bareconductive.com Sugru: http://sugru.com Prowl,

    send push notifications to iOS: http://prowlapp.com Push notifications from Arduino/Processing: http://avvisoapp.com/ Arduino: http://arduino.cc Nanode: http://nanode.eu Open Sense: http://open.sen.se/ Makerbot: http://makerbot.com Great cardboard engineering resource: http://robives.com/ Card modelling with Jude Pullen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reY_0AxuSWs Amazing materials: http://inventables.com Cult of Done Manifesto: http://www.brepettis.com/blog/2009/3/3/the-cult-of-done- manifesto.html Restduino, control Arduino over the Internet: https://github.com/jjg/RESTduino Teleduino, control Arduino via a Web service: http://www.teleduino.org/ Electronic Brick, plug-n-play for Arduino: http://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/tag/electronic- brick/