The Project Communications Game

C4de88ea47538e4594750e3861a341c8?s=47 Brett Harned
October 07, 2014

The Project Communications Game

Projects can feel like a game: Deliver a winning idea and take two steps forward. Miss a deadline and suddenly you’re back to square one. Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw, but in the game of projects you mostly you have to be a motivated team player with excellent communication skills to win.

Brett’s session will explore the game-like steps of a digital project and the communication wins and pitfalls that come with being positioned in the center of an internal and client team. Roll the dice to see what comes next in the project game as Brett takes on awkward conversations, team conflict, poorly written project updates, unhappy clients, and more. Everyone will win with a series of tips, exercises, and tactics on how to navigate your own Game of Project.


Brett Harned

October 07, 2014