Design For All: Canadian Elearning Keynote

Design For All: Canadian Elearning Keynote

This is my slide deck for the keynote I delivered on accessibility and inclusive design at the Canadian Elearning Conference in Toronto on July 13, 2018.



July 13, 2018


  1. Greetings humans! Design for all starts here!

  2. Why I’m Here

  3. Why Are You Here? Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

  4. How I Got Here

  5. Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

  6. Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or

    environments for people who experience disabilities.
  7. 15-20%

  8. 110-190 Billion Humans

  9. Caring

  10. Caring

  11. “Edge Case”

  12. The Spectrum

  13. We Are All “Disabled” Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

  14. The In-Betweens Major Disability Some Disability Perfect Human We Don’t

    Spend Enough Time Here!
  15. Change Our Vocabulary We are all “normal.”

  16. What Can We Do? •Care •Research •Show Our Work •Share

  17. How Do We Do It? • Start small and simple.

    • Talk about it. Ask questions. • Create standards. • Don’t ignore it. • Get support.
  18. Empathy

  19. Stereotypes and Prejudices “We don’t have anyone like that in

    our organization.”
  20. Start Asking • Who? • Where? • What? • When?

  21. Use the Lenses

  22. Lens of Animation and Effects

  23. Lens of Audio and Video

  24. Lens of Color

  25. Lens of Controls

  26. Lens of Font

  27. Lens of Images and Icons

  28. Lens of Keyboard

  29. Lens of Layout

  30. Lens of Material Honesty

  31. Lens of Readability

  32. Lens of Structure

  33. Lens of Time

  34. Low Hanging Fruit What’s your quick win?

  35. Color-Blindness Simulator
 coblis-color-blindness-simulator/ App: Chromatic Vision Simulator

  36. Stoplight Test

  37. Red/ Green

  38. Monochromacy

  39. Alt Text

  40. From This Day Forward

  41. Give A Voice Give An Opportunity

  42. Brian’s rules for design: 1. Is it necessary? 2. Is

    it inclusive? 3. Are we giving control to the learner? 4. Are we providing a safe space for feedback? 5. Are we sharing what we learned?
  43. Everyone Deserves a Chance to Learn

  44. What kind of designer will you be?

  45. Resources http:/ / https:/ /