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The Cloud: A Field Report

The Cloud: A Field Report

Field report for Learning Solutions 2012 focused on cloud and SaaS technologies and how they're helping people do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Brian Dusablon (Duce)

March 24, 2012

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  1. CLOUD? SAAS? Doesn’t Matter - How Are We Using It?

    Image courtesy of fifikins on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/fifikins/ 4194888231/sizes/o/in/photostream/ Saturday, March 24, 12
  2. CLOUD USE PERCENTAGE 0 20 40 60 80 Freelance Small

    Biz Med/Big Biz Higher Ed Use It Every Day Limited Use Blocked Saturday, March 24, 12
  3. INDUSTRY PERCENTAGES 0 25 50 75 100 Percentage Accounting/Finance Technology

    Marketing HR Healthcare Education/Training Arts/Entertainment Energy/Utilities 83% Saturday, March 24, 12
  4. TYPES OF SERVICES 9% 25% 8% 11% 13% 34% Storage

    or File Sharing Project Management Design Tools Development Tools Collaboration Accounting/Invoicing Saturday, March 24, 12
  5. 8% 92% Storage or File Sharing Using Not Using 67%

    33% Project Management 71% 29% Design Tools 79% 21% Development Tools 33% 67% Collaboration 75% 25% Accounting/Invoicing Saturday, March 24, 12
  6. We are a vendor of an online authoring tool which

    runs in the cloud. Our company is based in three international locations and our partners and customers are all over the world. We use a ton of cloud based systems to communicate. •Communicator •Skype •GoTo Meeting The Authoring Tool Vendor Saturday, March 24, 12
  7. I am not aware of any time in the last

    two years in which I, or a colleague, was unable to successfully log into Salesforce.com for retrieving and updating information. More importantly, even though the data is stored in the "cloud" the site is fully integrated with our internal database systems for upstream and downstream communication. •Dropbox •Google Docs •Salesforce.com The Logistics Product Manager Saturday, March 24, 12
  8. Our company is 100% in the cloud. Everything from project

    management, accounting, billing, server monitoring and performance tracking, CRM, docs, email, marketing, file storage. If we lose a personal computer we can buy a new one and get up and running again within about an hour. •Dropbox •Google Docs •A-Drive •Aviary •SCORMCloud The LMS Vendor Saturday, March 24, 12
  9. I use Dropbox as my go to file storage. I

    can work on my developing docs no matter where I am. I use Wunderlist, but I’m still looking for a PM tool that non-techies will embrace. I use Google for shared docs and simple planning. I use Spotify to keep me sane. •Dropbox •Google Docs •Spotify The Freelancer Saturday, March 24, 12
  10. I can't imagine working without Dropbox anymore... an essential part

    of my workflow for sharing files and keeping things in sync across multiple systems. Basecamp and Minigroup have also become integral parts of client interaction... all files and communications in one location... also allow the clients to be involved in the process and feel they have contributed to the final product. •Dropbox •Basecamp •Minigroup The Designer Saturday, March 24, 12