Between JOMO and FOMO: You are reshaping communication.

3142db3adb711e247e371153b5777e04?s=47 Britt Barak
November 19, 2018

Between JOMO and FOMO: You are reshaping communication.

Time has come where we know how significant is our power as mobile developers. We create pieces that sit in everyone’s pocket and joins them throughout the day.

App creators play a major role in how people feel connected. We know if they feel strangled by over-connection. We know if they feel excluded by struggling to communicate. Often we know what their mood is, due to how an app communicates back to them.

Today we know our power, and our responsibility. We know that we contribute to an inclusive world, a communicating world, a connected world, a well being and a balanced world.

This talk will explore how you can create a wonderful communication experience for your users, right in the space between their Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

******** Opening keynote at Droidcon SF 2018 ********


Britt Barak

November 19, 2018