[Vonage] Introducing Conversations

[Vonage] Introducing Conversations

From: Vonage Campus event, October 2019

Communication nowadays has many faces, many forms, and many channels. Your customers are everywhere, using SMS, phone calls, apps, and social media - and you want to walk with them wherever they go, whilst maintaining a seamless meaningful relationship. Sounds like a challenge?

This session introduces Nexmo Conversations - an omnichannel API and suite of SDKs that gather all your customers' communication events into one coherent journey.

With a few lines of code, you can enable your mobile and web applications with additional channels and functionality that allow you to engage in meaningful conversations with your users. You’ll learn how to use Nexmo’s robust platform to integrate messages, realtime voice or other custom channels of your choice, all of which contribute to superior customer experience!


Britt Barak

October 30, 2019