Sharing is Caring- Getting Started with Kotlin Multiplatform

Sharing is Caring- Getting Started with Kotlin Multiplatform

*** Presented in KotlinConf 2019, Droidcon Singapore 2019, Droidcon Vietnam 2019 ***

As Android developers, often we work with a backend service. Often in our team, there is an iOS project or a Javascript project, with similar functionality, that is being developed by our teammate developers next door. How fun would it be to write Kotlin code once and share it with all platforms? It will save us so much time and effort in implementation and testing! Please meet Kotlin Multiplatform! It is experimental, and yet very powerful and awesome.

This session will focus on creating a full-stack Kotlin project that fits an Android app and a backend Kotlin component. You’ll learn how to share code between the components to build more efficient and robust applications. And your teammate next door will thank you as well 🙂


Britt Barak

July 07, 2019