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Monitor the customer, Feed the Business

Monitor the customer, Feed the Business

Delivered as an ignite talk at DevOpsDays Austin 2013. Focus on monitoring metrics that impact the customer and provide value to the business.

Ben Whaley

April 30, 2013

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  1. Customer traffic 50% of normal. Signups doubled in the past

    15 minutes. Mobile app crashes for 9% of users immediately following a release. The current notification strategy is to hear about it from the users on twitter. This is bad. Notifications
  2. collectd nrpe Metrics sys logs app logs snmp jmx (net|io|mp)stat,

    sar nmap nessus munin jvm network stack Collect Measure graphite uptime riemann Icinga/Nagios Logstash Sumo Logic Loggly Splunk Cacti RRDtool ganglia Datadog Boundary tasseo
  3. If you cannot measure, it you cannot improve it. Sir

    William Thompson, AKA Lord Kelvin cartoon via toothpastefordinner.com