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Working with Craft Commerce

Jason Mayo
November 02, 2017

Working with Craft Commerce

Jason Mayo

November 02, 2017

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  1. 10

  2. Small / Medium Start Ups Protein Powder, Craft Beer, Decorating,

    Womens Fashion, Fitnesss Wear, Preserves & Jams, Health, Mens Fashion, Toxic Free Cosmetics
  3. Challenge... Convincing clients to use a not so well known

    and a relatively new eCommerce platform
  4. Addresses get created and linked to users (Email address) on

    checkout (And the same address fields for account, billing & delivery!)
  5. Lack of 3rd Party Integration (At the moment...) Most enquiries

    ask for integration with full lment applications, or delivery applications. Currently none exist, or are beta.
  6. Extending Commerce helps get missing features, back Wishlists Shortlist Sprout

    Lists Abandonded Carts Abandoned Cart Recovery Accounts Social Login Products Tag Manager Category Sources Popular Products Development Maintenance Dashboard Commerce Widgets (Shameless plug) One Dashboard
  7. What we have preset... Product Fields / Types Order Statuses

    Member Groups SEO Globals Noti cations Order PDF’s Macros Checkout
  8. Bene ts - Development time reduced - Bug and UX

    xes are xed across all projects - Commerce CMS feels the ‘same’ between projects - Continuously improve for ALL clients (If paying support)
  9. Downsides - Limited to basket / checkout features - Design

    is limited - Updating elds etc between ‘Bug Fixes’ can be messy - A lot of ‘Up front’ development
  10. Challenges - Mixed Cases / Singular / Packs - Stock

    Control - Age Veri cation - MailChimp Integration - Filter - Discounts - Can Club / Membership