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Sublime Text 2 pro tips

Sublime Text 2 pro tips

A short talk i gave at @maximizeag about improving productivity using Sublime Text 2 in
Talked mainly about the shortcuts i use the most


Caio Gondim

July 09, 2012


  1. Sublime   Text

  2. Edit

  3. ⌘U Edit Undo   Selection

  4. ⇧⌘V Edit Paste  and   Indent

  5. ⌃⌘↑ Edit Swap  Line   Up

  6. ⇧⌘D Edit Duplicate   Line

  7. ⌃⇧K Edit Delete Line

  8. ⌃⇧W Edit Wrap   Selection   with  Tag

  9. ⌘⌥[ Edit Fold

  10. ⌘K,  ⌘# Edit Fold  Level

  11. Selection

  12. ⇧⌘␣   Selection Expand   Selection   to  Scope

  13. ⇧⌘A Selection Expand   Selection   to  tag

  14. ⌘D Selection Expand   Selection   to  Word

  15. ⌃⇧↓   Selection Add  next   line

  16. ⎋ Selection Single   selection

  17. Find

  18. ⌘F Find Find

  19. ⌘G Find Find  Next

  20. ⌃⌘G Find Quick   Find  All

  21. ⇧⌘F Find Find  in   Files

  22. View

  23. ⌃⌘F View Full   Screen

  24. ⇧⌃⌘F View Distraction   Free

  25. ⌥⌘2 View 2  Columns   Layout

  26. Goto

  27. ⌘P Goto Goto   Anything

  28. ⌘# Goto Goto  Tab

  29. Tools

  30. ⌘⇧P Tools Command   Pallete

  31. Tools Snippets Current   language   snippets

  32. ⌃Q Tools Record   Macro

  33. ⌃⇧Q Tools Playback   Macro

  34. Plugins

  35. Package   Control http://wbond.net/ sublime_packages/ package_control Plugins

  36. Soda  Theme Plugins

  37. DocBlockr Plugins

  38. Fetch Plugins

  39. Sidebar   Enhancements Plugins

  40. Zen  Coding Plugins

  41. Prefixr Plugins

  42. Advanced   New  File Plugins

  43. My  prefs

  44. tab_size 4 My  prefs

  45. trim_trailing_white_ space_on_save true My  prefs

  46. auto_complete false My  prefs

  47. font_face Consolas My  prefs

  48. $  subl

  49. ln  -­‐s   "/Applications/Sublime  Text  2.app/ Contents/SharedSupport/bin/subl"   ~/bin/subl $

  50. $  subl  . $  subl

  51. Usage:  subl  [arguments]  [files]            

         edit  the  given   files      or:  subl  [arguments]  [directories]      open  the  given   directories      or:  subl  [arguments]  -­‐                              edit  stdin Arguments:    -­‐-­‐project  <project>:  Load  the  given  project    -­‐-­‐command  <command>:  Run  the  given  command    -­‐n  or  -­‐-­‐new-­‐window:    Open  a  new  window    -­‐a  or  -­‐-­‐add:                  Add  folders  to  the  current  window    -­‐w  or  -­‐-­‐wait:                Wait  for  the  files  to  be  closed   before  returning    -­‐b  or  -­‐-­‐background:    Don't  activate  the  application    -­‐s  or  -­‐-­‐stay:                Keep  the  application  activated   after  closing  the  file    -­‐h  or  -­‐-­‐help:                Show  help  (this  message)  and  exit    -­‐v  or  -­‐-­‐version:          Show  version  and  exit $  subl