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Introducing Google Site Kit

Introducing Google Site Kit

For years, Google's suite of web tools such as Analytics, Search Console and Pagespeed Insights have long been a must have for webmasters to track performance and usage of their sites. Now, Google have released a brand new WordPress plugin called Site Kit, making it easier than ever to integrate with their services and monitor your site without needing to edit a single line of code or ever leave your WordPress dashboard. We'll look at how to install and set up the new Site Kit plugin and explore some of it's features.


Cameron Jones

July 11, 2019


  1. Introducing Google Site Kit Cameron Jones - Mongoose Marketplace

  2. @cameronjonesweb

  3. @cameronjonesweb Features Analytics Tag Manager Search Console AdSense PageSpeed Insights

  4. @cameronjonesweb Analytics See how users navigate across your site and

    if they complete the goals you have set as conversions. • Track your site’s visitors in real time • See how users find your site • Discover your most popular content • Track eCommerce performance, lead generation and more
  5. @cameronjonesweb Tag Manager Tag Manager creates an easy to manage

    way to create tags on your site without updating code. • Manage your tracking codes in one place • Easily add tracking and event scripts without having to edit code on your site • Native support for Google products and many third party services
  6. @cameronjonesweb Search Console Understand how Google’s systems discover and render

    your pages. Track how many people saw your site in Search results, and for what queries. • Monitor how your site is performing in Google search results • Report broken links and pages
  7. @cameronjonesweb AdSense Keep track of how much your site is

    earning you. Or if you haven’t yet, make your good content work for you by setting up an AdSense account. • Display ads on your website • Earn passive income from your website
  8. @cameronjonesweb PageSpeed Insights See how your pages perform compared to

    other real-world sites. Improve performance with actionable tips from PageSpeed Insights. • Track the speed and performance of your pages • Get tips and recommendations on making your site faster
  9. @cameronjonesweb Optimize Create free A/B tests that help you drive

    metric-based design solutions to your site. • Run tests on your site to find what performs best • A/B, multivariate, and redirect tests • Customise your site for different audiences
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