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Elastic v6.0 - Takeaway

Elastic v6.0 - Takeaway

Takeaway for version 6 in Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana & logshtash)

Camilo Sierra

October 24, 2017

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  1. 1
    Camilo Sierra
    What is new in Elastic 6.0, @CamiloSierrax
    6.0 is coming

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  2. 2
    • Rolling upgrades (upgrade with no
    • Top queries are super-fast (sort at
    index time),
    • Save disk space (save a lot of both disk
    space and file-system cache),
    • Say goodbye to multiple _types
    within index (parent/child become Join
    • Fast replica recovery (Sequence numbers
    improve replicas synchronization, recovery if
    primary shard fails... much more to come)

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  3. 3
    • Run multiple, distinct workloads on
    a single Logstash (Simplify dataflow logic
    by managing per data source logic independently)
    • Runtime Stats for Your Plugins
    (indicators on the components spend extra time,
    easy way to diagnose bottlenecks)
    • Manage multiple pipelines from
    multiple nodes in a single UI (change
    pipelines configuration in running services)

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  4. 4
    • CSV Export (Highly requested. Most
    commented issue in the Kibana repo),
    • Dashboard only mode (Hides all other
    applications, Dashboard's presented are in read
    only mode),
    • Full screen mode (Perfect for operations use
    case and "command centers"),
    • Compliance & Accessibility (High contrast
    colors for the color blind, Keyboard accessible,
    Improved support for screen readers),
    • Watcher UI (UI for creating and editing alerts
    based on thresholds)

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  5. 5
    Become an Elastic Pioneer
    Download 6.0 preview release
    Provide feedback via GitHub or Discuss forum
    Get limited edition Pioneer swag

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  6. 6
    Elastic Pioneer Program
    Download 6.0 preview release (Beta, RC, etc)
    Provide feedback via GitHub or Discuss forum
    Get limited edition Pioneer swag
    We want your feedback!

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