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Akira - Presentation

March 25, 2012

Akira - Presentation

Akira was an entry to the Adobe Express Apps Contest for Cognizance 2012. Made over little less than 20 hours, it was an experiment into using Phonegap as a way to develop cross-platform mobile applications easily.

It won the first prize in the event, and was deemed "way ahead of the other entries". I will be uploading the source code soon on github (along with the blog post at captnemo.in)

The presentation was made hastily using Keynote on an iPad and mostly includes screenshots for the development workflow)

Source: http://github.com/captn3m0/akira
Backend: http://github.com/captn3m0/akira-backend


March 25, 2012

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  1. A social engagement multi platform application

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  2. Phonegap
    Is awesome

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  3. The Idea
    • Photo sharing for car owners
    • Use hardware capabilities to the fullest
    • Use GPS for location based odometer
    • Allow people to compete on scores
    • Find nearby people based on location
    • Minimal design using jquery mobile

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  6. Working on geolocation

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  7. IOS Development on jailbroken iDevices
    Adding retina images for new ipad

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  8. Dreamweaver

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  9. The app is renamed to Akira

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  10. The app runs
    On the ipad for
    The first time

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  11. 10pm-1 am
    Got familiar with phonegap.
    Installed xcode
    Figured out code signing
    1-4 am
    General aesthetics.
    Jquery Mobile
    Setup git
    4-7 am
    Emulator troubles.
    Blackberry incompatibility
    Feature additions
    7-10 am
    Added ipod to the build
    Started working on backend
    10-11 am
    Rasmus Lerdorf's guest lecture on
    Time crunch.
    Try to get everything done
    becomes impossible
    Timeline for development

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