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How AI is enhancing journalism

How AI is enhancing journalism

This talk explores some of my favorite use cases for AI/ML in journalism and touches on what’s coming next.

Current deck from: TrondheimDC
Recording: Coming soon!

Carolyn Stransky

October 28, 2019

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  1. “Data can be used to provide deeper insights into what

    is happening around us and how it might affect us…” Catherine Gicheru - bit.ly/catherine-data-interview
  2. “Intelligent machine can turbo-power journalists’ reporting, creativity and ability to

    engage audiences…” Maria Ronderos - bit.ly/genuine-journalism
  3. “…an algorithm can help reporters arrange, sort and produce content

    at a speed never thought possible.” Maria Ronderos - bit.ly/genuine-journalism
  4. “Journalism should serve as an independent monitor of power” Bill

    Kovatch and Tom Rosenstiel - bit.ly/elements-of-journo
  5. “Journalists need to develop a fluency in AI before it

    disrupts both our newsrooms and our society.” Latoya Peterson - bit.ly/journo-needs-ai