Humanizing Your Documentation - Full Talk

Humanizing Your Documentation - Full Talk

A talk focused on how to create and maintain use case-driven documentation.

Current deck from: Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2019


Carolyn Stransky

May 13, 2019


  1. 5.

    How to adjust the speed How to change the direction

    How to change the drill bit Tyner Blain
  2. 6.

    How to drill a hole in a flat surface How

    to select the right screw How to stir paint with your drill Tyner Blain
  3. 11.
  4. 20.
  5. 35.

    If the programmer wishes to uphold the invariant, he must

    satisfy the function’s preconditions
  6. 52.
  7. 70. “We can have variable names that are both meaningful

    and generic that expose their purpose via their semantics” Eli Schütze Ramirez
  8. 98.

    Anne Gibson, independent consultant “We may or may not

    be responsible for writing the HTML, but if the developers we’re working with don’t produce semantic structure, then they’re not actually representing the structures that we’re building in our designs”