The Most Important UI: You

The Most Important UI: You

A lightning talk about the lack of self-care in the tech industry and how you can build your own self-care toolkit.

Current deck from: Women of React 2020
Recording: Coming soon!


Carolyn Stransky

April 25, 2020


  1. The Most Important UI: You @carolstran

  2. …the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. @carolstran

  3. the machines @carolstran

  4. The humans behind the machines @carolstran

  5. Self-care in Tech @carolstran

  6. @carolstran What is self-care?

  7. A self-initiated, deliberate act to establish and maintain physical, mental

    and emotional health. @carolstran
  8. @carolstran Self-care Selfish

  9. @carolstran Self-care Luxury

  10. @carolstran Self-care Bath bombs & face masks

  11. @carolstran Self-care Bath bombs & face masks

  12. @carolstran Lack of self-care is a problem in tech

  13. ‘’ We’re allowing the culture we’re creating to make exhaustion

    a badge of honor. Jennifer Parsons Founder,
  14. Outcomes of self-care @carolstran Burnout prevention & recovery Increased productivity

    Positive working atmosphere Better emotional & physical health So much more!
  15. Building your own self-care toolkit @carolstran

  16. @carolstran Step 1: Identify your needs

  17. Check-in with yourself Self-care checklist You Feel Like Shit
  18. “Hire” a Twitter bot @tinycarebot @check_o_tron @selfcare_bot @DOTHINGSBOT @everydaycarebot @yayfrens

  19. @carolstran Step 2: Find resources

  20. None
  21. @carolstran Step 3: Create a community

  22. Within your workplace @carolstran

  23. Managers set the tone @carolstran

  24. Join a community online CodeNewbie Slack LemonAid

  25. @carolstran Finally: Make it a habit

  26. Challenge yourself 100 Days of Healthing

  27. Be kind to yourself @carolstran

  28. Some of my favorite self-care tools @carolstran

  29. Online therapy Talkspace It’s Complicated

  30. Aloe iOS app @carolstran

  31. Programming Your Hands @carolstran

  32. Yoga with Adrienne @carolstran

  33. Burnout Prevention @carolstran

  34. @carolstran

  35. What have I done today that feels nourishing, supportive &

    inspiring for my well-being? @carolstran
  36. @carolstran #selfcare on Discord