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April 22, 2024

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Other Decks in Education


  1. 圖書館本週新書(24/04) Title:Doctor WHO, Flatline [超時空奇俠] Cover: Alone, without Doctor, Clara

    discovers a new danger from another dimension. But how do you hide when even the walls give no protection? People need help and the Doctor can't leave the TARDIS. And Clara has to fight an enemy that can't be seen Call No.:F DOC
  2. 圖書館本週新書(24/04) Title:British and American Short Stories Cover: These stories paint

    colourful pictures of life in Britain and America in the past. We meet some unusual people... Call No.:F LAW
  3. 圖書館本週新書(24/04) Title:The Mammoth book of New CSI Cover: 31 accounts

    of the fascinating work of the crime scene experts who let the evidence speak when the victims cannot Call No.:F CAW
  4. 圖書館本週新書(24/04) Title:Young Post Elevate skill-based Anthology Vol. 1 Cover: It

    is written with junior secondary students in mind. It aims to raise comprehension competence and heighten awareness of world issues. Call No.:428.6 SOU
  5. 圖書館本週新書(24/04) Title:Mythomorphia Cover: Dragons, unicorns, griffins, and other mythical creatures

    morph and shape-shift to form Kerby's signature breathtaking scenes Call No.:741.9 ROS