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Library prefects 22-23

September 27, 2022

Library prefects 22-23

Library prefects 22-23


September 27, 2022

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  1. Library Prefects 2022-2023
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Leaders 5A陳栩橦 5A謝以筠 5B郭可穎 5A張悅欣 5A陳芯兒
    4B黃穎心 4B王琛美
    Members 4B張凱琪 5A洪安琪 5B呂嘉銣 5A麥馨文 5C王苡霖
    4C陳海逸 4B江綽錡 4C何芷歆 5A唐國鳳 4A張芷淇
    4D曾鉦琳 4B鄧媄殷 4D梁莉 4A鄧泳楠 4B張愷文
    3A李向晴 3B方嘉敏 3A劉欣圓 3B陳玉林 3C黃灝倫
    2B林穎彤 2B勞凱婷 3B賴敏兒 2B陳天怡 2B陳子浩
    2C黃道道 2A李頌茵 2B韋茵茵
    New Members 3A馮芷晴 3A吳愷晴 1A譚朗逸 1B黃麗詩 3A馮詠喬
    1A黃詩悅 1A張嘉怡 1D唐愷忻 1D蔡曉霖 1C朱芷慧
    1D黃美瑤 1C陳梓珊 1D李逸謙

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  2. Tutors of new members
    New Members Tutors New Members Tutors
    3A馮芷晴 5A陳栩橦
    1D唐愷忻 4C何芷歆
    1A黃詩悅 3A李向晴 1B黃麗詩 5A麥馨文
    1D黃美瑤 5A陳栩橦 1D蔡曉霖 2B韋茵茵
    3A吳愷晴 4B江綽錡 3A馮詠喬 5C王苡霖
    1A張嘉怡 4B黃穎心 1C朱芷慧 4B張愷文
    1C陳梓珊 3B方嘉敏 1D李逸謙 4A張芷淇
    1A譚朗逸 2A李頌茵

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