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Personal branding lessons I learned from karaoke

Personal branding lessons I learned from karaoke

Karaoke has taught me many things... like how to polish my personal brand. Here's how you, too, can polish your personal brand.


Cecy C.

May 15, 2014

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  1. Personal branding tricks I learned from karaoke

  2. My work experience

  3. The hiring process • Been involved in hiring process everywhere

    I’ve worked • Looked for interns, developers, designers, admins
  4. I’ve seen every trick in the book.

  5. What makes good personal branding? 1. Don’t go full broadway

    2. Polish your branding 3. Define your setlist
  6. 1. Don’t go full broadway You can do too much

  7. It’s like oversinging a song

  8. If you tell me you are a • Developer and

    • Designer and • Musician and • Photographer and • Social media expert and • Entrepreneur and • CEO of your own company...
  9. You’re a liar.

  10. You’re expensive.

  11. Either way, you’re not getting hired.

  12. Jack of all trades, master of none.

  13. It’s like a printer that does everything but print

  14. Why? If you split your time doing a lot of

    very different things. As an employer, I am not getting the best out of you.
  15. Also, you should protect yourself

  16. A job where you do three roles...

  17. Don’t have a bad time Any job that wants you

    to do three roles for the price of one is going to: • Work you super hard • Pay below market rate
  18. So...

  19. How not to go full broadway 1. Include relevant experience

    only 2. Be concise (but memorable) a. I don’t need to know your high school jobs b. I also don’t need your life story
  20. “...But I don’t have relevant experience!”

  21. Okay.

  22. Connect the dots for me!

  23. A police officer does not equal an executive assistant

  24. But if you connect the dots for me...

  25. ...I’d me more willing to give you a chance to

    show me!
  26. Don’t go full Broadway Stay focused, polish your brand

  27. 2. Polish your brand Know who you are

  28. None
  29. What’s the difference?

  30. Positioning is everything.

  31. Meet Kimberly (Brandspiration)

  32. Brandspiration • She found what’s unique about her • She

    applies her passion outside of work (music) to her work expertise (marketing)
  33. The Pink Principle “The Pink Principle works by finding an

    opening in an over-saturated industry and then finding a genuine position for your brand to fill the gap.”
  34. All blonde singers, no dif.

  35. Pink found a niche

  36. Find your niche.

  37. Define what works for you. How do you do that?

  38. 3. Establish your setlist What are the things you do

    really well?
  39. Another lesson from karaoke Things I know I can sing

    well: • Bon Jovi • Britney Spears • Journey
  40. Another lesson from karaoke I could never sing: • Celine

    Dion • Whitney Houston • Mariah Carey
  41. Define your strengths Stay honest

  42. Start with defining... What are you good at? What are

    your interests?
  43. Start with defining... I’m good at • Marketing • Social

    media • Consulting I’m interested in • Film • Humor • Pop culture
  44. This is your frame of reference.

  45. Set the stage for your unique expertise.

  46. Distill into a statement.

  47. So, who are you? I’m a digital marketing strategist. I

    like film and TV. “I am a digital strategist who specializes in digital strategy for media and publishing. ”
  48. So, who are you? “A girl with a plan who

    prefers the road less traveled.”
  49. So, who are you? “Princess of Sass.”

  50. Do stay away from • Ninja • Rockstar • Guru

    • Khaleesi (actual title I’ve seen!)
  51. Let’s put it all together! Finally!

  52. Personal brand God!

  53. Meet Signalnoise (aka James White)

  54. None
  55. None
  56. He found the perfect niche! Art + design + 80s

  57. Further reading thegreatdiscontent.com/james-white

  58. Let’s talk tactics

  59. Zero to hero won’t happen overnight

  60. Start small Where do you want to be? How do

    you get there?
  61. It’s okay to fail Iterate!

  62. Actual examples!

  63. None
  64. None
  65. None
  66. Checklist • Get a website • Brand yourself • Be

    involved in relevant communities ◦ Github ◦ Dribbble ◦ Soundcloud ◦ Vimeo
  67. Thanks!