Gatsby, fast content based websites with React

Gatsby, fast content based websites with React


Cheesecake Labs

December 04, 2019


  1. Gatsby Gatsby is a free and open source framework based

    on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps
  2. Gatsby is a "static" website generator

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  5. 1. Modern web tech without the headache 2. Speed past

    the competition 3. Progressive Web App by default 4. Bring your own data
  6. Content is the king (Data sources)

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  9. Node runner Data sources Create node (reducer) Call onCreateNode Provide

    data to query Build
  10. How to query the data

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  14. Data can be queried inside pages, components, or the gatsby-node.js

    file, using one of these options: 1. The pageQuery component 2. The StaticQuery component 3. The useStaticQuery hook
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  16. Performance Optimization Performance is hard. Let’s make Gatsby do the


  18. Image performance Ohhh myyyyy

  19. The problem: Large, unoptimized images dramatically slow down your

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  21. Everything is a plugin 1480 plugins today

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  24. Nothing is perfect Pages (solves with a plugin), variables inside

    query), cache and build time problems on deploy (netlify)
  25. Why we should use at CKL?

  26. Real world projects

  27. Questions?

  28. Thanks