How Motherhood Affects Women's Careers

How Motherhood Affects Women's Careers

Caker: Daiani Fagundes


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March 18, 2020


  1. How Motherhood Affects Women's Careers Daiani Fagundes

  2. - Feminist - Business Administrator - BizDev and Project Manager

    “Gender influence on the professional trajectory of women workers in the Information Technology sector" - Mother About me
  3. None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes,

    and nor likely will many of our children. The report reveals that gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years Global Gender Gap Report 2020
  4. The Global Gender Gap Index framework: Economic participation and opportunity

    Education Attainment Health and Survival Political Empowerment Report Highlights In terms of economic participation, the gender gap will take 257 years to close Average year income: 11.5k woman vs 21.5k man Percentage of women in companies' board of directors: Brazil 8,4% There is no country where men spend the same amount of time on unpaid work as women. In countries where the ratio is lowest, it is still 2:1 Brazil ranks 92nd of 153 countries
  5. Women are underrepresented in politics, in job market, in leadership…

    … who create the laws? … who open companies? … who hire? fire? decides who gets a raise? To think about
  6. how much is this gender gap affected by motherhood?

  7. About Maternity leave: The longer new mothers are away from

    paid work, the less likely they are to be promoted, move into management, or receive a pay raise once their leave is over. They are also at greater risk of being fired or demoted. Length of leave can be a factor in the perceptions of co-workers as well – women who take longer leaves are often seen as less committed to their jobs than women who take much shorter leaves. Motherhood Penalty
  8. Brazil: Half of women are unemployed one year after having

    a child 30% of women leave work because of their children, men are 7% 54 days is the average of exclusive breastfeeding (indicated by WHO is 6 months) Motherhood Penalty
  9. Childcare costs are, in some countries, high relative to earnings;

    and the burden of unpaid household work and childcare often falls on mothers The monetary value of unpaid care work globally for women is at least $ 10.8 trillion annually - three times the size of the world’s tech industry Motherhood Penalty
  10. When companies are hiring do they ask about man health?

    Do they ask if the man do extreme sports and if he can get away from work because of that? How much of maternal entrepreneurship is the result of exclusion from the labor market? How to breastfeed for 6 months and return to work after 4 months maternity leave? How much time do women have to travel, dedicate to a career, networking...? To think about
  11. How can we change that?

  12. Embrace the differences Women become more productive after motherhood… ...but

    they do need support!
  13. Parental Leave Iceland: 39w paid at 80% of the parent’s

    salary. 13w are reserved separately for both mothers and fathers and the remaining 13w can be split. Norway: up to 101w of total paid leave, 10w of which are reserved for each parent. For the first 52w, parents can earn between 80% and 100% of their salaries, depending on how much time they take off.
  14. How can you help change that?

  15. scream so that one day a hundred years from now

    another sister will not have to dry her tears wondering where in history she lost her voice Jasmin Kaur
  16. Global Gender Gap Report 2020 - WEF Maternidade e Carreira

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