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Presentation Technolog Co Ltd.

December 06, 2022

Presentation Technolog Co Ltd.

Presentation Technolog Co Ltd.


December 06, 2022

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  1. Our story  Technolog Co Ltd was formed in 1990

    followed by ChemBioTech Co Ltd in 2006 to serve as a research institute with pilot production facilities.  At present both businesses operate jointly  Led by Ph.D. in Chemistry  Specialize in fine chemical technology  Offer R&D and manufacturing facilities  Numerous products & applications (for high-precision engineering, construction, pharmaceuticals and other industries)  Custom solutions in production of specific substances  Quality is guaranteed via regulatory documentation  Client satisfaction is confirmed by repeated orders  Experts in areas from technology development to implementation
  2. Activity profile  Complex chemical solutions  Identification and synthesis

    of new substances with the required characteristics  Technology and process development  Fine chemical technology  Links with scientific research institutes and manufacturing companies
  3. Polyvinylformal Current Applications:  Filtration and drying of freons in

    large refrigerators (fishing vessels)  Fuel filtration and drying  Industrial waste oil filtration and drying  Drying of chemical solvents
  4. Efficiency  Hard particles filtration and absorption of water, carcinogens

    and tarry substances  Improved economy and environment  Lower fuel consumption up to 5% - 20%  Reduction of highly toxic substances in emissions (from 20 to 100 times)  Longer maintenance free time and life for diesel engines  Smoke reduction
  5. Properties  Absorbs & holds between 700% to 1500% of

    water  Chemically and biologically inert material  Filtration on molecular level  Disposal by incineration
  6. Alternative applications  Aviation fuel filtration and drying  Vegetable

    oils filtration and drying  Can be used in the medical industry as a dressing and drying material  Plant growth medium
  7. Alternative applications  Vegetative landscaping in hot and arid conditions

     Retains and slowly releases water and fertilizer  Soil replacement for plant propagation  Cuttings rooting  Transportation of plants (for sequential planting, transportation of flowers)
  8. Matt Film Current Applications:  Archiving and long-term storage of

    complex drawings  High-precision engineering (aviation)  Cartography and land use documentation
  9. Efficiency & Properties  High stability of linear dimensions in

    drawings during storage  Technical Drafting - soft pencil, pen, ink, compatible with a laser printer  Enables image printing and transfer  Lack of film abrasiveness  Does not shrink – estimated for 50 years, samples have been checked for 30 years  Thin matt layer from polymers mixture of 3-6 microns  Transparent  120cm wide
  10. Disinfectant Current Applications:  Protection of Russian borders against African

    Swine Fever  Disinfection in animal husbandry (horses, cows, pigs, chickens, etc.)  Meat and fish food processing plants disinfection  Used to treat hoof horn disorders
  11. Efficiency  Highly effective against viruses, germs and fungi 

    Lack of microbes adaptation due to the main components novelty and exclusivity  Does not damage plastics, fabrics, leather  Has anti-corrosion properties
  12. Properties  Easily soluble in water  High efficiency of

    concentrate (from 0.5 to 5 litres per 1 ton of water)  Does not contain chlorine, formalin, peroxides  Low toxicity allowing disinfection with animals present
  13. Alternative applications  Tested in construction for mold removal 

    Tested in hospital disinfection  Protection of birth wards from staphylococcus  Removes unpleasant odors (kills germs) – use in waste processing  Potential use for vaccine creation  Used as a cure for animals’ skin and external diseases (foot rot)
  14. Other research areas  Concrete plasticizers  Development of a

    new plant growth stimulator  Training of personnel at various levels
  15. Thermo paint  Development of paint that changes colour with

    temperature variation, facilitating equipment testing, preventing breakdowns (electric motors overheating). Note the change in colour from pink to blue in hot below with Cº temperature variation: 18.9 inside 60 inside 90.9 inside 18.9 outside 34 outside 58 outside
  16. Thermal insulation materials based on nano-technology  Thermally insulating paint

    (3 mm paint layer corresponds to 10 cm glass wool layer)  Used to paint pipes and chemical equipment operating at elevated temperatures  In Hot state: no heat loss and protection for workers  In Cold state: no condensation on the outer walls Temperature Cº 102 inside 66 outside
  17. Collaboration  Partnership opportunities  Variety of potential areas for

    collaboration  Project preparation  Further development of mutually beneficial relationships
  18. Other products  Formal glycol  Diethyl oxalate  Diazodiethylaniline

     Wetting agent SV-10-17  Amyl acetate  Other reagents on request
  19. Thank you for your attention! Technolog Co Ltd & ChemBioTech

    Co Ltd 152025 Russia, Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Mendeleev sq. 2, bldg 34B Tel/Fax: +7 (48535) 69-585 +7 (48535) 69-919 +7 980 650 88 38 +7 980 704 97 95 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.chemtechnolog.com