GoGig University Partnership Program

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June 22, 2020

GoGig University Partnership Program

GoGig's Alumni Career Advancement Portal is the only university career matching platform that removes unconscious bias in hiring and helps currently employed alumni advance their careers using anonymity.



June 22, 2020


  1. Anonymous Job SearchTM

  2. We’ve now seen that the labor market can shift on

    a dime. The United States has gone from almost full employment to 41+ Million unemployed in a matter of weeks.
  3. 1995-2005 “.com” Job Search Job Boards Career Fairs THE BEGINNING

    2005-2015 Lack of quality on job boards InMail Message blasting Candidate cold calling TALENT SOURCING 2015-Present Unconscious Bias Focus on Passive Talent Internal Mobility VOLATILE LABOR MARKET
  4. Active candidate applying Job postings Demographic Details Skills Information Success

    Indicators OLD WORLD: Monster, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, etc. Current Hiring Tools Lag far Behind the Advancement of Social Media Platforms #bestmatch On-Resume data Self-selected personality NEW WORLD: Unbiased personality fit Salary desires Geographical desires Skills/talents Company type Culture Passive conversations Truly anonymous datasets Removed unconscious bias in hiring
  5. How Does this Affect You if You’re a… Passive Job

    Seeker (Currently Employed) Active Job Seeker Talent Acquisition Professional Diversity + Inclusion Professional Staffing + Recruiting Professional
  6. Remaining Anonymous is the Key to Solving Many Issues in

    Talent Acquisition and Career Advancement Removing unconscious bias based on Age, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Country of Origin, and Veteran Status Remaining passive in your job search Cultural fit analysis without selection bias or discrimination Career Desire and hard skill set evaluation for the right opportunity Internal Mobility and Employee Retention
  7. Current Hiring Environment In a post COVID-19 world, candidates that

    have been furloughed, laid off, or had their pay cut may have the opportunity to become re-hired. After a re-hire, candidate skepticism will be at an all-time high, causing an increase in passive job candidates. Option 1 Sourcing passive talent through Linkedin “Linkedin Fatigue” Passive candidates receive more irrelevant InMail messages than ever, causing lower response rates (6% or lower), more time talent sourcing, dwindling ROI Option 2
  8. Introducing GoGig is an anonymous professional networking platform that helps

    currently employed, passive candidates, advance their careers confidentially through career desire and cultural ‘fit’ metrics using AI. Hiring professionals can tap into a new group of passive candidates that they otherwise didn’t know existed through powerful algorithmic search. Anonymous Job SearchTM
  9. How It Works: Candidates Build Candidates input their anonymous career

    history, desires, and personality metrics into their profile Candidates create an account in as little as 2 minutes Match + Engage Unveil + Chat Candidates can mutually accept invitations to connect at their discretion, reveal their identities, and have ‘warm’ conversations. The Result? Meaningful conversations with Hiring Professionals that deliver real value to your career advancement.
  10. How It Works: Hiring Companies Build a GoGig Search to

    see passive candidates in the GoGig Network. Through AI and powerful algorithmic search, Hiring Professionals can select which candidates are most intriguing to them and engage based on company criteria. Chat with unveiled candidate and integrate into Hiring Company ATS, HRIS, or CRM system. The Result? A professional network that removes unconscious bias and encourages passive conversations of real value.
  11. Passive Candidate Technology • Low barrier to entry: takes only

    2 minutes to create a profile • Opportunities come to candidates without them seeing a single job posting – similar to networking in a bar or coffee shop • Candidates are in full control of who they expose their identity to • Candidates know they are receiving relevant invitations to connect because of desire-based matching The GoGig Difference: Anonymity 85% of the candidates in the GoGig network indicate that they are passively seeking, indicating they are not on traditional job boards
  12. Unbiased Cultural Fit • GoGig uses Natural Language Processing to

    extract communication style anonymously from a candidate writing sample in under a second • Hiring Companies remain compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws against unconscious bias in hiring • Candidates that are of a protected EEOC class can feel safe signing up to GoGig knowing there won't be any discrimination based on their identity The GoGig Difference: Anonymity GoGig's anonymity removes all discrimination in hiring practices based on: age, race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, religion, and veteran status
  13. GoGig Validation Validation + Partnerships GoGig's Natural Language Processing technology

    is backed and validated by Florida Atlantic University's AI and Psychology Labs ELAN BARENHOLTZ, Ph.D. Dept. of Psychology Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, Personality matching expert GoGig is in partnership with Paragon Labs (powered by SHRM). With 300,000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally.
  14. GoGig Validation Testimonials "As a data scientist, I am deeply

    impressed by GoGig’s forward-thinking approach to hiring, which is at the bleeding edge of Recruitment Technology. Their team’s A.I. approach to assessing cultural and career desire fit is something that will have the rest of the industry playing catch up. This is the future of the industry, but GoGig is already there." Elan Barenholtz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology at Center for Complex Systems, Florida Atlantic University - Brain Sciences Director for Visual Mind Lab/Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics Lab "I've seen a number of recruitment technology solutions. GoGig offers a solution that focuses on results. This is a unique value proposition that most companies in this market miss and enterprise clients badly need." Hank Stringer, Founder of Hire.com "GoGig completely changed the way I thought about hiring for my business. I never thought that I'd be able to get access to passively seeking candidates that already had jobs so efficiently based on cultural fit without paying through the nose to staffing agencies. Culture and diversity defines our organization; and GoGig brings those right to my fingertips on a mobile platform that I cannot get through LinkedIn, Indeed.com, or any other technology. In addition, the team at GoGig was super-responsive to our questions about targeting and audiences. Their support and response to inquiries is refreshing" Remington Begg, Founder & CEO of Impulse Creative “As a leader in Human Resources, I’ve seen and utilized numerous software platforms to help with hiring. GoGig’s automated platform is the only one that combines anonymity, low barrier-to-entry, and cultural fit to prevent unconscious bias in hiring and protects the identities for passive talent. GoGig Management has created the first technology like this that is scalable with very low overhead—something the competition will not be able to keep up with.” Bill Allen, Top HR Technology investor, Chief HR Officer at Macy’s, former Chief HR Officer at Pepsico
  15. GoGig + University Alumni Association Partnership Program GoGig offers a

    white label or private labeling program, that gives Universities the power of using GoGig's technology to match Alumni and Students to hiring companies affiliated to the school all in a career portal that's "Powered by GoGig" and branded to the university
  16. University Alumni Career Advancement Market Problem Active Job Seekers University

    Job boards, and solutions like Handshake, ULoop, and SnagaJob only serve this small sliver Alumni actively seeking careers as a result of a layoff, pay cut, or furlough Candidates that are already in a job can leverage GoGig’s anonymity to help with career advancement Only one solution in the market delivers value to the entire pie: GOGIG Candidates that are laid off temporarily will want to keep their options open to find a company that is more suitable for them long term Alumni that are passive job seekers (currently employed) and open to a conversation about a potential better opportunity than where they are today
  17. GoGig: The Solution to University Career Advancement § Companies that

    love Boilermakers can connect to all Boilermakers in the Job Market § More disposable income from happy alumni means increased endowment donations § Deep insights into university alumni means more efficient gifting/donation targeting and predictive analytics on alumni
  18. We’re fundamentally changing the hiring process as we know it.

    Join us on our journey! Please contact Chris Hodges, Founder + CEO at hodges@gogig.com for more information