Java for Python Developers

Java for Python Developers

Stop looking at me like that.

No really. Stop it. I'm serious. Why are you looking so confused?

Yes. I'm talking about Java at a Python conference. What of it?

OK, well, I'm actually talking about avoiding having to code in Java, when circumstances almost certainly require you to code in Java… or at least require your applications to run in a Java environment.

One of the more interesting challenges for Python developers targetting Android is being able to call Java APIs from CPython. Environments like Android require developers to use Java to get access to Android's user interface libraries. Perhaps more importantly, Android has APIs for accessing hardware features like accelerometers and geolocation, and software features like notifications, but all of these have a Java interface.

This talk looks at how these problems have been solved, and where they haven't, approaches to solutions that might exist.


Christopher Neugebauer

September 13, 2014