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Why you should learn docker

Why you should learn docker

Chris Ortman

May 21, 2015

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  1. In the news • Docker and Microsoft Partner to Drive

    Adoption of Distributed Applications • Dell Simplifies the Cloud Experience with Docker • AWS Announces the EC2 Container Service for managing Docker containers • IBM and Docker Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Enterprise Applications • Docker + VMware = better together
  2. the wiki setup page • download zips • change variables

    • ftp from server • copy / paste instructions
  3. programmers • the same level of control we have on

    our code for our servers • speed, development and production • repeatability
  4. • Registry - Storage location for images. An example is

    DockerHub which is like Github but for servers. You can host your own also • Image - Readonly templates that contain your operating system and files. Images are stored in registries • Container - This is your virtualized operating system. Uses namespaces, control groups, and union file systems. Containers are built from templates called images. I can also save the container state to be used as a template for another container • Dockerfile - A Makefile for your image. Contains the steps needed to produce the container. So what does run mean.