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Death Wish Coffee Brand Strategy Campaign

Death Wish Coffee Brand Strategy Campaign

This campaign was developed for Death Wish Coffee in my Brand Strategy Course in 2020. My role in this campaign was social media strategist as well as in charge of secondary and primary research.

Christion Rice

February 08, 2022

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  1. Death Wish Coffee Brand Campaign Sophie Bolinger, Joseph Granat, Christion

    Rice and Zixuan Zhao 11/19 2020
  2. Meet Kate Kate works long hours in the ER and

    is tirelessly putting others before herself. She drinks Death Wish Coffee to power through her 12 hour shifts. Meet Mark Mark is a single dad who works two jobs. Mark can't risk feeling tired he needs coffee he can depend on, thats why he drinks Death Wish Coffee. Meet Sarah Sarah just started her own start up company and works endless hours a week. After one cup of Death Wish she knows she can conquer the day no matter how long. Key Insights

  4. Brand Statement FESTIVAL #F5CB46 LEMON #FFEE23 MUESLI #A17F54 BLACK #00000

  5. Print Ad B R I G H T | E

    N E R G E T I C | P O S I T I V E | W A R M
  6. Out-of-home ELEVATOR AD

  7. #RiseNGrind $200 Gift Card Redeem at Deathwishcoffee.com Social Media Instagram

  8. TVAd

  9. Questions? Contact Us!! Phone Number 815-354-8453 Email Address [email protected] Website