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FOX Sports Research for 2023 Women's World Cup

FOX Sports Research for 2023 Women's World Cup

Primary and Secondary research was conducted for the 2023 Women's World Cup. Role in the presentation included: Strategist and Graphic Designer

Christion Rice

April 12, 2022

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  2. Presentation Outline Topic Highlights Meet The Team Executive Summary Secondary

    Research Primary Research Survey Findings IDI Findings Overall Key Takeaways SWOT Analysis
  3. ELISE FINN Account Manager CHRISTION RICE Strategist Team Active Insight

  4. Team Golden Media MAREN DOUGLASS Account Manager MADELINE NICHOLS Strategist

  5. EMMA BENNETT Account Manager ALEX FOELSCH Strategist Team Alchemy

  6. Team Auxo Media LYNDSEY FLIEG Account Manager RYAN PUCCIO Strategist

  7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY How can we continue viewership if the USWNT

    struggles? How can we interest fans to tune in at inconvenient hours? What ways can we incorporate the cultures of Australia and New Zealand? How can we make FOX Sports the go-to for coverage of the 2023 Women's World Cup?

  9. Company Stated Vision "Fox Sports looks to the growth of

    their hold in the digital media industry, and ability to provide audiences with rich, enjoyable content" Mission Statement "We believe in continuing to provide compelling news, sports and entertainment programming across platforms will increase audience engagement and drive growth across our distribution, affiliate, and advertising relationships" Strategy To provide higher quality streaming and broadcasting than their competitors, and to be known as the prime spot for sports broadcasting and entertainment.
  10. Category Emerging Category The 2019 Women's World cup estimated 1.12

    billion viewers In the past three years in the US, women's soccer has generated more money than men's Numerous campaigns revolving milestones in female sports Positive attitudes towards highlighting specific athletes and their accomplishments
  11. Consumer Soccer Fans are New, Young, and Increasingly Female Who

    is Watching? 314,000,000 fans worldwide 54:46 male to female ratio 47% are college graduates $80,000 average household income 53% watch both through TV and online streams
  12. Competition Direct/Indirect Competitors FOX's Competitive Advantage Proven history of success

    Experienced budget growth Recognizable TV Personalities The USWNT has been very successful What can be learned from other competitors?

  14. Increase viewership Perceptions of women’s soccer compared to men’s What’s

    going to make people care about the event? Supplemental content Viewership of women’s soccer compared to other women’s sports and men’s soccer Overall Goals General Question Areas
  15. Quantitative GOALS Qualitative GOALS Assess general media and sports media

    consumption habits Attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of 18-40-year-old soccer fans related to why they like to watch soccer Opinions on women’s soccer Motivations to tune in during untypical viewing hours What do consumers get out of watching a sports game? Understand consumer behavior
  16. METHODOLOGY 652 total Pulled data from 545 Under 40 y/o

    43 states Selected under 40 to match the soccer fan found in secondary research Timeline from February 12-22 QUANTATIVE SURVEY QUALITATIVE IDIS 20 total 18-40 Interested in soccer/sports Smartphone Social media Connect with others over sports Watched at least one professional soccer game (tv or in-person) in the last 5 years Conducted via zoom

  18. LIFESTYLE AND CONSUMPTION HABITS Consume digital media every day

  19. 65% of participants prefer to watch live sports on streaming

    services Interact with teams on social media to check game schedules, view highlights and watch entertaining content HOW THEY CONSUME MEDIA
  20. PRIORITIES Hangout with Friends 36.7% Use Social Media 32.2% Watch

    TV 13.8% Play Video Games 10% Check Sports Scores 7.2% When you have free time, what do you do first?
  21. FEELINGS ABOUT SOCCER 68% of our participants agree that they

    enjoy watching professional soccer 59% of participants enjoy watching men’s professional soccer and 62% enjoy watching women’s
  22. INTEREST IN THE WORLD CUP 59% of participants reported watching

    the 2019 Women's World Cup
  23. BARRIERS Extremely unlikely 41% Somewhat likely 31% Somewhat unlikely 19%

    Extremely likely 9% How likely are you to view matches are irregular times?
  24. If the USWNT is playing in the 2023 World Cup

    final match, 79% of participants agreed they would watch The success of the USWNT is not the only factor motivating people to tune in INTEREST IN THE WORLD CUP


  27. Our participants view professional soccer players as role models and

    they want to learn more about their favorite players. I really want to get to know them as a person (USWNT). That's what I always want from athletes. I want to feel some sort of connection. I want to know the little things, I want to feel like their best friend. Theme 1 Quote 1
  28. Soccer gives fans the opportunity to connect with likeminded people

    and creates a sense of community. I feel a sense of community with my fellow countrymen for enjoying soccer. It's been a huge part of my life and my family's life. It's a lot of fun and it's an experience I also get to share with my friends. Theme 2 Quote 2
  29. Fans appreciate watching the sport being played at a high

    level, regardless of the league (fans enjoy both men’s and women’s soccer). These players are at the top level of the game so watching them has been a big lesson. When it comes to league preferences a participants said: I don’t have a preference, to be honest it's just kind of an accessibility thing. I’ll watch what’s on and what I can get to. Theme 3 Quote 3
  30. Soccer fans look forward to The World Cup and relate

    specific memories and moments to the sport. The World Cup is the greatest competition for the world in soccer. I mean it's country versus country, it's always so exciting. And it also happens only once every four years, and so there's always that longing for the World Cup every single time it swings around. Theme 4 Quote 4
  31. Soccer fans are utilizing sports apps in a variety of

    ways, which creates opportunities. I can just answer all my questions right there with a simple tab. I get my score updates, my news updates, my signings updates, all of my updates in one place (talking about the ESPN app). Theme 5 Quote 5
  32. When it comes to watching matches, soccer fans face barriers

    that cause frustration. I think I’d be motivated to watch (during untraditional hours) if it was a landmark type of game, something involving a championship. Definitely something that wasn't repeatable. You're just jumping through hoops. How many streaming apps do I really need to have? Spending 70- 80 dollars a month just to watch one sport? I think that's nonsense, really. Theme 6 Quote 6 Quote 7

  34. Professional soccer players are role models and individual players and

    personalities motivate fans to engage.
  35. Soccer brings people together and creates a sense of community,

    sports fans are proud of where they're from.
  36. Media is engrained into how our audience consumes content, from

    social media to streaming services.
  37. Fans have a love for watching soccer at a high

    level, regardless of the league.
  38. The World Cup is ritualistic, and fans have specific memories

    and moments they relate to the sport.
  39. Sports fans are utilizing sports apps in a variety of

    ways, which opens opportunities for viewership during untraditional hours, and keeping up to date.

  41. Strengths Viewing rights Growing need for sports apps Lack of

    a paywall Access to all games
  42. Weaknesses FIFA Dissatisfaction Streaming preferences International time zones

  43. Opportunities Fans want to engage with their favorite players Potential

    for greater engagement Capitalize on Australia and New Zealand The FIFA World Cup is the most popular sporting competition of the 36 we track FIFA Women's World Cup empowering females will draw in a more female audience The US Women's soccer team is consistently successful American viewers will be eager to watch the successful team
  44. Most will only tune into meaningful games Fans may tune

    out if USWNT is eliminated Other sporting events/box office movies/summer vacations The Australian Government has been strict with their entry of guests Brands lacking authenticity Cost for fans to attend/stream games Threats
  45. Thank You Team Active Insight Team Golden Media Team Alchemy

    Team Auxo Media