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Joining Forces: An Epic Process for Designers and Developers

Joining Forces: An Epic Process for Designers and Developers

An exploration of developing a process that empowers designers and developers to work together and create amazing things together

Creativity Included

September 22, 2019

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  1. Joining Forces An Epic Process For Designers And Developers Chris

    Ford, Project Manager at Reaktiv Studios | @ci_chrisford
  2. True Confessions Star Wars Version This is the first and

    last time I ever saw a Star Wars movie. I was 6, it was 1977, my Dad’s shorts were VERY short, our appliances were Avocado Green, and my glitter R2D2 and C3PO shirt was from the iron on t-shirt store at the mall. That is the story behind why, even though I always try to theme my talks to match the WordCamp that I am going to skip trying to make this themed because all I would do is make the fan-folks incensed. You’re welcome ;)
  3. My Personal Mission Statement I want to do work that

    matters, with people I like, where design is valued.
  4. Challenges of working with other people 1 Variety of skill

    levels 2 Anticipating others’ intent 3 Communicating your intent 4 Paying attention to nuance
  5. Team solutions to working with other people 1 Commitment to

    mentoring 2 Assuming good intentions 3 Over communicating 4 Respecting everyone’s unique abilities
  6. Personal solutions to working with other people 1 Know what

    you don’t know 2 Work with people you like 3 Be trustworthy 4 Learn to delegate
  7. Good communication requires 1 Regular, focused meetings 2 A shared

    vocabulary 3 Organized design assets 4 Clear documentation
  8. Regular focused meetings Meeting don’t have to suck. Seriously. 1

    Kill meetings that could be emails 2 Have an agenda 3 Nobody ever complained about a meeting ending early.
  9. Atomic Design FTW 1 Build components, not pages 2 Makes

    content portable and flexible 3 The Block Editor is already modular 4 Separate functional and visual QA
  10. The only dumb mistake is the one you make more

    than once. —Chris Ford Iterate and Improve
  11. Thanks for listening Questions? Let’s talk at the Happiness Bar!

    Chris Ford, Project Manager | @ci_chrisford