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The Developer's DevOps Mountain

Jürgen Cito
November 20, 2014

The Developer's DevOps Mountain

Slides I presented at WebPerfDays Barcelona 2014 - a little more context on the slides available at http://trp0.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/the-developers-devops-mountain/

Jürgen Cito

November 20, 2014

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  1. Department of Informatics The Developer’s DevOps Mountain If the developer

    won’t go to the metrics, the metrics must go to the developer Jürgen Cito, Christian Bosshard, Philipp Leitner WebPerfDays 2014, Barcelona
  2. 2 MSc, Technical University of Vienna Research Intern @ Catchpoint,

    New York Statistics in Web Performance Monitoring PhD Candidate, University of Zurich Software Evolution and Architecture Lab Software Engineering </> Cloud Computing Jürgen Cito @citostyle
  3. DevOps Mountain 11 Source: https://flic.kr/p/phfUy4 (Stoos, Switzerland) “I gave you

    everything you needed, you piece of …” If the developer won’t go to the metrics… …the metrics must go to the developer
  4. Use Case Application (VoIP Client) 13 •  Use Case: Lookup

    Online status of users •  Users can be queried from a “User Directory Service”
  5. Software Performance Anti-Patterns Hot Spots / Hot Paths Loops (Redundancy

    in inner/outer loops, inefficient inner/outer loops) Too Many Remote Calls n+1 selection problem … 16
  6. Conclusion Study shows that more performance metrics are widely available,

    but developers rather go “by intuition” Tighter feedback loop between the runtime environment and the development environment (IDE) 17
  7. Conclusion (cont’d) Predictive analysis helps to identify performance issues before

    the developer even commits Continuous evolution of software and informed architecture decisions 18 Jürgen Cito @citostyle [email protected] Slides at speakerdeck.com/citostyle