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API Gateway or Service Mesh, How about Both!!!

API Gateway or Service Mesh, How about Both!!!

Summarize differences between API Gateway / API Management and Service Mesh

Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

August 06, 2019

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  1. ▰ Brief History Architecture Overview ◦ Microservices ▰ API Gateway

    ▰ API Management Features ▰ Microservices Challenges ▰ Service Mesh Features ▰ Conclusions AGENDA
  2. whoami I am Claudio de Oliveira Book Author, Speaker ,

    Lead Solutions Architect and Developer @sensedia Spring, Java & Golang, Microservices and Docker enthusiast
  3. 1 The term "Microservice Architecture" ... there are certain common

    characteristics around organization around business capability... https:/ /martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html
  4. As we can see the Microservice Architecture brings new challenges.

    But why companies are in the way to adopt it???
  5. Provides way to distribute configuration for the cluster, manage cluster

    certificates, configure the routing rules, and configure the resiliency stuff like circuit breaker and timeouts “
  6. sensedia.com Service Mesh helps developers to work with network issues

    and make Microservices popularized for the masses