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Using Software for Sustainability - Microsoft Reactor Green Tech Series

Using Software for Sustainability - Microsoft Reactor Green Tech Series

We are frequently reminded of all the plastic that goes into the ocean, and the massive impact it has to marine life – and ultimately us. Plastic pollution is the second biggest threat to our ocean after climate change. While there are a lot of creative ideas and research into capturing this plastic from the oceans, it’s still a tricky challenge.

This session will explore how AI can help address this problem. We’ll focus on Surfrider who used a Microsoft hackathon to build an Open-Source platform which enabled volunteers to help capture plastic at the source.

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Microsoft Reactor Green Tech Series

Christopher MANEU

June 09, 2021

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  1. Christopher MANEU Startups Developer Advocate – IoT @ Microsoft @cmaneu

  2. @cmaneu ≠

  3. @cmaneu ≠ Software for sustainability

  4. @cmaneu Sustainable software

  5. @cmaneu Principles of green software engineering CARBON ELECTRICITY CARBON INTENSITY

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  7. @cmaneu Sustainable software ≠ Software for sustainability

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  16. @cmaneu Map 100% of French rivers in 1 year!

  17. @cmaneu +270 000 Km France rivers length

  18. @cmaneu More observers More automated

  19. @cmaneu A first PoC

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  23. @cmaneu or how to cover the remaining 268 950 km

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  31. @cmaneu (our) Multi-object tracking

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  34. @cmaneu Ongoing PhD Thesis on this topic

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