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Designing for Users on the Autism Spectrum

Carly Ho
September 25, 2018

Designing for Users on the Autism Spectrum

Designing for the challenges that neuroatypical users face when interacting with the world is increasingly necessary in a fast-paced, overwhelming world. Creating a better experience for neuroatypical users creates a better experience for everyone.

Carly Ho

September 25, 2018

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  1. Designing for Users on the Autism Spectrum

  2. Hi, I’m Carly Ho Senior Engineer, Clique Studios @carlymho

  3. What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

  4. Challenge: Sensory Overload

  5. Designing vs. Sensory Overload ‐ Keep user path obvious ‐

    Try not to autoplay audio, have controls to pause sounds and distracting video or animation ‐ Break up blocks of text, space + size appropriately to make it easier to focus on your content
  6. Challenge: Clear Communication

  7. Design & Clear Communication ‐ Caption emotion conveyed in images

    and video ‐ Note in parentheticals if you’re joking or tongue-in-cheek ‐ Label your icons ‐ Provide multiple examples to establish a pattern
  8. Challenge: Getting In Touch

  9. Engaging Autistic Users ‐ Provide more than one channel ‐

    Keep the number of steps required to initiate contact low ‐ Allow people to engage at own pace
  10. Final Thoughts Be empathetic Design for a broad range of

    skillsets Have autistic folks test your stuff
  11. Thanks! twitter.com/carlymho