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Designing for Users on the Autism Spectrum

82dbb87a2c10591843069a67256f6658?s=47 Carly Ho
September 25, 2018

Designing for Users on the Autism Spectrum

Designing for the challenges that neuroatypical users face when interacting with the world is increasingly necessary in a fast-paced, overwhelming world. Creating a better experience for neuroatypical users creates a better experience for everyone.


Carly Ho

September 25, 2018


  1. Designing for Users on the Autism Spectrum

  2. Hi, I’m Carly Ho Senior Engineer, Clique Studios @carlymho

  3. What is an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

  4. Challenge: Sensory Overload

  5. Designing vs. Sensory Overload ‐ Keep user path obvious ‐

    Try not to autoplay audio, have controls to pause sounds and distracting video or animation ‐ Break up blocks of text, space + size appropriately to make it easier to focus on your content
  6. Challenge: Clear Communication

  7. Design & Clear Communication ‐ Caption emotion conveyed in images

    and video ‐ Note in parentheticals if you’re joking or tongue-in-cheek ‐ Label your icons ‐ Provide multiple examples to establish a pattern
  8. Challenge: Getting In Touch

  9. Engaging Autistic Users ‐ Provide more than one channel ‐

    Keep the number of steps required to initiate contact low ‐ Allow people to engage at own pace
  10. Final Thoughts Be empathetic Design for a broad range of

    skillsets Have autistic folks test your stuff
  11. Thanks! twitter.com/carlymho