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Tech Community, Population Us

Ce0de7299bfbc54dd950689e04a4f053?s=47 Cody Engel
November 29, 2018

Tech Community, Population Us

This presentation goes through the current state of the Chicago tech community and goes to the ideal state that Cody has envisioned. Along the way we talk about different ways everyone can contribute to the community in their own way.


Cody Engel

November 29, 2018


  1. Tech Community, Population Us Cody Engel

  2. Tech Community, Population Some Of Us Cody Engel

  3. Tech Community, Population Only The Most Vocal Of Us Cody

  4. None
  5. Me Me Me

  6. Joining The Community Is Easy

  7. Reddit

  8. /r/iOSProgramming ~43,000 developers strong.

  9. /r/AndroidDev ~94,000 developers (but who’s counting).

  10. /r/startups ~295k of us are already there.

  11. StackExchange

  12. Ask Questions No matter how dumb it may seem, it

  13. Answer Questions Who knew 11 people would find this helpful?

  14. Leave Comments Comments can be just as important as answers.

  15. GitHub

  16. Follow Projects It lets maintainers know that a project is

    important to others.
  17. File Issues It helps the project evolve and get better.

  18. Create Pull Requests Give the contributors a break by fixing

    things for them.
  19. Open Source Things Even the smallest projects can have a

    major impact.
  20. Medium

  21. Clap For The Articles You Enjoy It’s easy and lets

    the author know they are writing valuable stuff.
  22. Respond To Articles If you have something to say, don’t

    hold back.
  23. Write Articles It’s easier than you think.

  24. Public Speaking

  25. Pay Attention …Or at least act like you are.

  26. Ask Questions This lets the speaker know you are grasping

    the topic they’re talking about.
  27. Give Your Own Talk It’s hard to empathize with speakers

    if you don’t speak yourself.
  28. As You Become Involved

  29. Have A Voice Trust me, people would love to hear

    your ideas.
  30. It’s Okay To Be Wrong We literally get paid to

    make fail.
  31. It’s Okay To Be Wrong We literally get paid to

    make mistakes.
  32. Embrace Feedback You don’t know what you don’t know.

  33. Be Polite Cat’s are jerks. Don’t be like a cat.