Know Your Audience

C9b18d9dff88a9dd2393364c2b3b21bd?s=47 Simon Collison
September 28, 2011

Know Your Audience

Presented at Future Of Web Apps Tour, Leeds, May 2009

The idea presents itself, and its all hands on deck getting the app built. Most developers will spend some time thinking about the real needs of the target audience, and the best methods for fostering a community. But how can you be sure you truly understand what the audience needs, and how can you legislate for where the community might take your app.

Simon will present a number of proven methodologies for audience research, modeling and grouping - and discuss the impact the results can have on the development process. He'll also look at the importance of designers and developers working collaboratively within the process.


Simon Collison

September 28, 2011