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Product release roundup: summer ‘21 edition

Product release roundup: summer ‘21 edition


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August 05, 2021


  1. © 2021 Contentful Building the leading content platform for digital

    business Contentful Product Release Roundup Summer ‘21
  2. © 2021 Contentful Today’s speakers Paul Biggs Product Marketing Jamie

    Bolland Product Marketing 2
  3. © 2021 Contentful 3 Housekeeping • First off: new on-demand

    video series! Welcome to our first edition! • Keeping you up to date on our latest product releases, with commentary and highlights from our Changelog • Please fill out the feedback survey at the end of the video — we’d like to improve with each edition • Keep an eye on your inbox — we will follow up with the recording so you can easily rewatch the video. • Any questions? Write to us at team@contentfulmail.com
  4. © 2021 Contentful Underpinned by our core value pillars Best

    for builders Most flexible platform DX at scale SPEED FLEXIBILITY EXTENSIBILITY SCALABILITY RELIABILITY 4 Content platform focus areas for 2021
  5. © 2021 Contentful • Tag-based permissions • Content management API

    (CMA) endpoints • App hosting *new • Marketplace apps and custom community apps *new • Compose + Launch improvements *new • Tags • Embargoed assets Best for builders Most flexible platform DX at scale We’ll focus on the newest features, and just touch briefly on the rest Recent release overview 5
  6. © 2021 Contentful Recent releases 6

  7. © 2021 Contentful Best for builders: Compose improvements 7 *new

    • Documentation: Installing Compose in an existing space • Duplicate pages: Quickly build new pages that share a lot of content • Extend Compose page settings with asset and entry references: add preview images for social sharing and establishing page hierarchies
  8. © 2021 Contentful Best for builders: Launch improvements 8 *new

    • Improved time zone visibility and support: teams working globally can now easily schedule by time zone and have more clarity on time zones • Easily reschedule (un)publication of releases, entries and assets: a faster workflow to change scheduling plans
  9. © 2021 Contentful Most flexible platform: App hosting 9 *new

    • Host apps without the need for an external service • Easily rollback your app to an older version if there are any issues • Released 23rd June, learn more in our blog post about how to use app hosting
  10. © 2021 Contentful 10 Most flexible platform: New Marketplace apps

    & custom apps from the community Revise Dev & editor productivity JSON Viewer Developer productivity Jumpgate Editor productivity *new
  11. © 2021 Contentful Other recent release highlights (these are a

    little older, but wanted to make sure they are on your radar! 11
  12. © 2021 Contentful 12 Digital experiences at scale: New content

    management API endpoints • Programmatically manage large content releases such as seasonal campaigns or product launches • New API endpoints were released behind the scenes to power our new Contentful Apps: ◦ Bulk actions: validate and (un)publish up to 200 entries/assets with a single API call ◦ Releases: schedule up to 200 items for (un)publishing at the indicated time ◦ References: retrieve a reference tree for a given entry with a single API call • Developers benefit from quicker turnaround times and straightforward debugging • Released April 6th, learn more: blog post, API reference
  13. © 2021 Contentful • Editors can quickly and easily identify

    which content is most relevant for them • Developers can efficiently query content across content types via the Content Delivery and GraphQL APIs, and programmatically manage tags via the Content Management API • By making tags a first-class citizen on our platform, it: ◦ reduces manual processes when creating and updating tags with a purpose-built UI ◦ improves governance, as multiple teams can work with the same set of tags, which are centrally managed in a space • Released April 8th, learn more: blog post, help center 13 Best for builders: Tags Tags Campaign x Name x Market x Channel x Temporary x Team x Descriptive x Agency x
  14. © 2021 Contentful 14 Digital experiences at scale: Tag-based permissions

    • Provide more granular content governance by defining access permissions based on our new Tags feature • Admins can visually create and manage tag-based permissions in for each space in Contentful’s web app • Developers can easily apply or remove tags via the Content Management API • Editors can search and manage only the content that is relevant to them • Released April 8th, learn more: blog post, help center
  15. © 2021 Contentful 15 Best for builders: Embargoed assets •

    Reduce the risk of leaks while preparing big launches or announcements ◦ Authentication can also help with other use cases: intranets, paywalls, gated portals, etc. • Restrict access to CDN-cached assets using signed URLs. Flexible implementation enables you to: ◦ restrict access without sacrificing performance ◦ integrate with authentication provider of choice ◦ reduce vendor footprint by addressing more use cases with a single platform • Released April 15th, learn more: blog post, FAQ, tutorial
  16. © 2021 Contentful All recent releases are in our Changelog

    16 Visit our Changelog to sign up for RSS updates (or use an app like Mailbrew to get them in your inbox) Other smaller, recent examples include: • Admins can delete spaces without contacting Contentful • JS Client Library support for Bulk Actions, References, Releases, and Tags • Improved GraphQL error messaging • Flexible URL slug generation • And more…
  17. © 2021 Contentful Join us: Product discovery 17

  18. © 2021 Contentful Call for customers: research panel We’d love

    your input on our discovery topics Join the Contentful research panel to take part in our internal product development and research projects. Our Product team invite customers and partners to take part in new research initiatives that are relevant to their experiences. It could be a short survey or a one-on-one interview. Sign up here: https://www.contentful.com/researchpanel/ 18
  19. © 2021 Contentful Please take our feedback survey https://ctfl.io/roundup-survey 19

  20. © 2021 Contentful Thank you!