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[Openmind 2013] Samsung Research UK - Finland; European Open Source Group by Mika Kukkonen (Principal Software Engineer, Open Source, Samsung)

October 02, 2013

[Openmind 2013] Samsung Research UK - Finland; European Open Source Group by Mika Kukkonen (Principal Software Engineer, Open Source, Samsung)


October 02, 2013

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  1. Finland R&D OpenMind 2013 Samsung Research UK - Finland (SRUK-FI)

    European Open Source Group Mika Kukkonen 2nd October 2013
  2. Finland R&D • Open Source is everywhere in Samsung products!

    • And of course in the newest one: OpenMind 2013
  3. Finland R&D OpenMind 2013 • Why Finland?  Opportunity 

    Location  Size  Culture  ”Economic factors” • ”Sister” site in Silicon Valley, California, USA • Samsung R&D HQ in Suwon, South Korea • SRUK-FI officially opened 13th June 2013, located in Otaniemi, Espoo (north of Innopoli) • Current headcount around 20 and growing • Focus areas in SRUK-FI:  Open Source Group (OSG)  Tizen (https://www.tizen.org)  Internal R&D support Talouselämä 17.8.2013 Samsung R&D HQ in Suwon
  4. Finland R&D OpenMind 2013 Open Source Group - Internal and

    external advocacy - Internal training and ”enablement” - Academic cooperation and research - Contributions to various Open Source projects: Tizen: Yes, I’m hiring too! ;-)
  5. Finland R&D And now a word from my sponsor! -

    i.e. the mandatory Tizen slide ;-) OpenMind 2013
  6. Finland R&D Tizen ... why Yet Another Linux Mobile Phone

    OS? - What is the one common thing with all three current Mobile OSes? - Control matters. OK, there are other reasons too, like HTML5 and flexibility Tizen is … - Standards-based, multi-category platform - Open Source under Linux Foundation - Excellent platform for:  Diverse smart commercial devices  Research and education Tizen Association - An industry consortium consisting of key service providers and device manufacturers, drives industry awareness and adoption of Tizen software platform https://www.tizenassociation.org/members/ : https://developer.tizen.org/downloads/tizen-sdk OpenMind 2013
  7. Finland R&D ”Lets do Open Source!” - OK, but what

    does that mean, really? OpenMind 2013
  8. Finland R&D In one word: ”Communication” In two words: ”Open

    communication” 1. Timeframe a) Nearly instantenous (direct messaging) b) Very asynchronous (email) c) Archives ( = ”forever”; wiki) 2. Type of communication a) 1-to-1 (direct messaging) b) 1-to-N (web pages) c) N-to-N (IRC) 3. Geographical location a) Inside one campus b) Between company sites c) Between company and the rest of the world 4. Confidentiality a) Personal development trees (on developer ’s computer) b) Company confidential development trees (on intranet) c) Open Source project repositories (in the Internet) 5. Content a) One-line messages (”You reviewed my patch?”) b) Emails (patches, LKML ...) c) Git-based source code repositiories (git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux) OpenMind 2013 Open communication feels scary ... But what are the company ”secrets” the developer knows?
  9. Finland R&D “When Worlds Collide – The Love & Hate

    Relationship of Academia and Businesses” OpenMind 2013 And now something very different ...
  10. Finland R&D Academia prefers money for free, while businesses want

    to see ROI The ”model”: OpenMind 2013 Knowledge Code People Innovation Publicity Tizen Recruits Startups Professors want to have their own (small) sandboxes <= BAD! How can we make Finland to become the innovation center of Europe? Samsung is considering to join COSS as a board member