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ActiveRecord Migrations for your Future Self

ActiveRecord Migrations for your Future Self

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Amber Conville

July 09, 2015

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  1. activerecord migrations for your future self

  2. wait, who the hell are you? i’m amber conville! you

    can find me on the internet at these places: i develop software at test double, which is an awesome group of consultants if you’re looking or your company might need help! twitter: @crebma
 email: crebma@gmail.com
 github: crebma
 other stuff: i’ll bet you can guess!
  3. let’s start with activerecord

  4. activerecord

  5. now let’s move on to keeping your future self happy

    and sane
  6. 1. separate data and schema migrations

  7. 2. you should always be able to run your migrations

    from scratch
  8. 3. run them all the time

  9. 4. make sure they’re reversible

  10. 5. use migration models

  11. 5. use migration models

  12. None
  13. 5. use migration models

  14. 5. use migration models

  15. Spoiler alert! this all came from a blog @crebma @testdouble

    http://blog.testdouble.com/posts/ 2014-11-04-healthy-migration- habits.html thanks!