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April 07, 2013


web app teaser



April 07, 2013


  1. A better way to Promote your Business

  2. @4thevo

  3. yocoro for real business owners

  4. What we Do?

  5. + Local Business Directory + Coupons + Events + Products

    List All in one place
  6. Why does that matter? Location Location Location

  7. facebook twitter groupon living social yelp yellow pages (really ?)

    you get the idea
  8. you can still use those tools but make them work

    for You Pointing then to a central Location with ALL your GOODIES
  9. Sure you could make this on your own PROBLEMS Learn

    to write code (html,css, php, python, ruby,etc) Design Stuff Server stuff (what's a server) Still run your business or Pay someone LOTS of money
  10. and Pay again when you want something else done did

    I mention you have to wait that IS no way to run a business
  11. Coupon Example

  12. from this:

  13. to this

  14. None
  15. get it...

  16. Keep things simple

  17. yocoro @4thevo questions?