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March 18 2021 CXPA Town Hall on Virtual Program Planning

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March 24, 2021

March 18 2021 CXPA Town Hall on Virtual Program Planning

Survey results and discussions to help the Customer Experience Professionals Association plan 2021 programs to be delivered virtually.



March 24, 2021


  1. CXPA Board and Leaders Town Hall Planning CXPA 2021 Virtual

    Programs March 18, 2021
  2.  Welcome and opening comments Barbie Fink, CCXP CXPA Chair

     Guidance for 2021 virtual programs • Feedback from participants (survey results) Greg Melia CAE, CXPA CEO • Discussion between leaders (breakout room discussions) All • Sharing plans (Zoom Chat) All • Open conversation: what additional support is needed? All  Open mic for Q & A All  Closing comments Agenda CXPA Virtual Programs Listening and Engagement Session
  3. March 19, 2020 Suspension of in- person activities due to

    COVID-19 Highlights from CXPA Virtual Engagement March 19, 2020 - Present • 9,500 unique Zoom participants – 2/3 of which were from outside the US. (India 16%; Italy 7%; Turkey 5%; Canada 5%) • 5,534 webinar attendees • 2,477 hours of CXPA video watched on YouTube • 90,000 blog post views; more than 50 CXPA member bloggers • 9,398 new followers on LinkedIn • 20% net growth to a current level of 1,211 CCXPs, which are sought as preferred job openings at market leaders like Amazon, Microsoft, Qualtrics, and Apple.
  4. A New Mission & Vision for CXPA Definition of CX

    Professional A catalyst who enhances an organization's results by understanding, designing, and improving experiences across the entire customer relationship. Mission We support CX professionals to share, learn, inspire, and grow throughout their entire career. Vision Exceptional outcomes inspired by empowered CX Professionals.
  5. Priorities for 2021 • Developing independent consensus-based guidance for effective

    CX practices • Strengthening understanding of quality CX and ensuring support for CX professionals at all career stages • Fostering diversity and growth through inclusive, collaborative interactions across the globe • Further enhancing the CCXP program • Leveraging CX Day
  6. Survey Results • Highly qualified group of respondents – CXPA

    members and followers • 268 completed responses were received which reflected a broad cross-section of the CXPA community: • 71% of respondents currently serve in a CX professional role • 66% of respondents have six or more years of CX experience • 46% of respondents hold the CCXP credential – and an additional 38% intend to earn the CCXP in the next two years. • 68% of responses were from The Americas & Caribbean. (Slight oversampling compared to CXPA membership.)
  7. Three Out of Four Around Half More Limited Interest Skill-building

    presentations (76%) Presenter-led case studies (75%) CX Book author presentations (48%) Small group unstructured peer-to- peer learning (46%) Online networking activities (44%) Personal career management (33%) CX product demonstrations (33%) COVID-19 CX and business (23%) What would you like to see in CXPA virtual programming?
  8. Of 35 competency topics surveyed, 16 stood out. Interest from

    more than two-thirds Interest from half to two-thirds 1. Quantifying ROI of CX (78%) 2. Designing and leading CX strategy (76%) 3. Translating customer insights into operational requirements (73%) 4. Change management techniques (68%) 5. Driving culture change (66%) 6. Alignment of CX metrics with corporate strategy (66%) 1. Understanding C-Suite perspectives on business goals (61%) 2. Utilizing metrics to promote exec buy-in (58%) 3. Alignment w\org brand values & attributes (57%) 4. CX communications and storytelling (57%) 5. Predictive analysis (56%) 6. Human centered design (54%) 7. Artificial intelligence and automation in CX (53%) 8. Employee experience and engagement (51%) 9. Technology strategy for CX (50%) 10. Journey mapping (50%)
  9. Written Comments and Other Observations • The general sense of

    responses is that respondents are looking to CXPA involvement and programs to enhance their knowledge, skills and relationships in order to advance the practice of CX in their organization. In-Meeting Discussion • Would it be useful if we could utilize some sort of customer experience maturity assessment at the local level to kind of gauge what that local community's expertise is, and then base our content and curriculums on that? • I'll put a corollary on that too ... we need to do a better job of saying this is intended for people with a certain level of experience and then deliver on that, so that people are choosing the right program and having the conversation at the right level.
  10. Other In-Meeting Discussion In-Meeting Discussion • Is there any intention

    to reach out to other groups in the CX world that are organizing themselves? • We are already partnering with a number of folks around the globe, and recognize that partnerships are a huge part of our growth, a huge part of our direction to the future. But we do want to make sure that when we're building those partnerships, it's based on the same strategic values and priorities that the Barbie outlined at the beginning of the call. When it comes to partnerships, CXPA is looking for a couple of key things. First and foremost, we are looking to make sure that we're partnering with people who share our definition of customer experience. The second thing that we look for is folks that are committed to the recognizing the CCXP as a global credential. Third, we look at how a partnership is going to help CXPA advance in in an area where we are not currently active.
  11. Guidance for Breakout Rooms What can Networks deliver to meet

    these interests? What support can the broader CXPA community provide to help? What opportunities are there to collaborate for success? Have you had relevant successes are that others can replicate? Please type ideas so that you can share with the whole group when we reconvene. Focus on the interests expressed by respondents
  12. Virtual Program Plans: Sharing & Discussing Sharing Please paste in

    the chat: • Your Network plans based on the conversation • Successes that you would like to share as an example that other Networks might leverage Discussing • What can CXPA sponsors, Board and staff do to help you meet the interests expressed in the survey? • What obstacles do you need help overcoming? • What else?
  13. Virtual Program Plans: Sharing & Discussing Ideas brought forward from

    the meeting • We need more reliable, recent, independent data on the ROI of CX to better educate and empower professionals • ROI--we haven't yet answered the question. These things keep coming up because we need more current data. Change management, culture, these always continue to evolve. We need to help our members be current. This is what leadership needs as well • Encourage collaboration with other networks, like DC is doing with NYC and Baltimore. • Not all CXPA members are on the same level of understanding.. need to understand expectation of each member • We need to make members aware of all virtual events from all LNE’s. Make it known that while the event is hosted by a local LNE, anyone in the world is invited to attend. • CX Professionals are not as comfortable with data/ROI even though they know it's important: each company is unique. Much like Nancy's point - we probably need to narrow the scope on ROI.
  14. Virtual Program Plans: Sharing & Discussing Ideas brought forward from

    the meeting • Perhaps start a series around a topic where we bring in various "experts" to be able to share in many different ways. • While there are some standard elements of our work, there are nuances and different “recipes” people are using to get successes in these areas based on where their org is at, etc. • Yes, there isn't necessarily a one size fits all approach - so having many ideas for people to consider would be valuable. • From CXPA India perspective... here are a few top topics/items that the members would like to cover: 1. Support for CCXP certification 2. Building creditability in the region 3. Can local / events meetings be considered for recertification credits? (YES! attending, speaking, and even planning CXPA events are eligible for credits! 1 hour of learning or instruction = 1 CRC) We have communicate this perhaps at the beginning of every meeting so its clear to our members
  15. Virtual Program Plans: Sharing & Discussing Ideas brought forward from

    the meeting • CXPA could organize a panel discussion on key topics and advertise it across multiple Networks – potentially with breakout rooms for targeted discussion by Network or maturity level. • It would be great if CXPA could provide a short video that has Barbie speaking passionately about the CXPA mission and vision - like for three minutes, as short as short and sweet as possible. • There is good opportunity to collaborate regionally. • Gokhan shared that in Turkey, they found that focusing on content was received better than providing networking time – let people listen to the speaker but don’t make them get involved. • It was observed that the top topics are large issues. Networks may need to break the topic down into supporting skills or smaller topics
  16. Virtual Program Plans: Sharing & Discussing Ideas brought forward from

    the meeting • Consider charging small teams to develop content on key topics and present back. • Look to leverage work being done by other CXPA volunteer groups on the Book of CX Knowledge and other projects. • Takeaways from sessions could be garnered and shared to build knowledge throughout CXPA. (Perhaps even recorded sessions.) Try to make it easy to consume by focusing on the key points or providing a timestamped agenda for watching the videos. (May need to consider intellectual property and privacy regulations.) • Review how upcoming events are promoted to membership and make it easier for them to be aware – maybe a listing in the newsletter versus link from the newsletter. • Can we find academic research on the ROI issue? • Why don't we as a profession own up to there sometimes not so successful items in their CX program, the lessons learned?
  17. Virtual Program Plans: Sharing & Discussing Ideas brought forward from

    the meeting • Panel discussion or have you know, ask for people to present their case, a case study, and you could do two or three people giving a blurb and then you could do breakout rooms and allow people to select the one that they want to hear more about and have a discussion in that breakout room. Summary observations: 1. We should start thinking about this is how we deliver content that helps people where they are now in terms of content needs … maybe it's more of a how do we deliver a program and engage each network or engage each maturity level in a slightly different way. 2. We should really think about how we support and drive collaboration across networks.
  18. Open Mic for Q & A • The survey found

    a lot of pride and interest in the CCXP program. Consider how you recognize CCXPs, support studying for the exam, and utilize CCXP speakers. • Lots of CXPA volunteer opportunities that should be posted soon at www.cxpa.org/volunteer including Facilitating effective collaboration to deliver CX in large multi-department organizations; nest steps on CX in Higher Education; and CX Day planning. • There are some great examples of networks that are working to engage more and more people, such as Canada - the Canadian networks are very well connected. Even though there might be a Toronto event or a Calgary event, you're really attending a CXPA Canada event. I also really want to applaud Michelle too for starting to engage with other networks in the Baltimore and the NYC areas as well. • We also pivoted the way that our membership model works. We've reduced that barrier to entry and brought it down to a team of 10, membership packaged with job listings.
  19. Next Steps & Closing Comments We will post the recording

    and notes in the Network Leaders community. We will share a summary of the survey results and this meeting with the CXPA Community. We will gather potential speakers and topics in line with the survey interests and needs discussed today to create a list of available speakers and presentations for Networks to plan programs for the balance of 2021. Thank you!