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Azure Function Triggers and Filters

Daron Yondem
December 19, 2017

Azure Function Triggers and Filters

This is part of a full day Serverless training I hosted for Microsoft Turkey in Istanbul talking about Azure Function Triggers and Function Filters.

Daron Yondem

December 19, 2017

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  1. Function Triggers and Bindings • A trigger defines how a

    function is invoked. • Triggers have associated data, which is usually the payload that triggered the function. • Input and output bindings provide a declarative way to connect to data from within your code.
  2. High level look of what’s available More; https://goo.gl/TEyuND Type Service

    Trigger Input Output Timer Azure Functions ✔ HTTP Azure Functions ✔ ✔ Blob Azure Storage ✔ ✔ ✔ Events Azure Event Hubs ✔ ✔ Queues Azure Storage ✔ ✔ Tables Azure Storage ✔ ✔ No-SQL Azure Cosmos DB ✔ ✔ ✔ Push Notifications Azure Notification Hubs ✔
  3. What you can do with timer triggers? • Run at

    explicitly specified intervals, like every day at 2:00 am using CRON expressions, like “0 */5 * * * *“ (every 5 minutes) • Can send information to other systems, but typically don’t “return” information, only write to logs • Great for redundant cleanup and data management • Great for checking state of services • Can be combined with other functions
  4. What are Function Filters? • Encapsulate common logic to be

    shared across many different functions • Validation, logging, error handling • Similar to ASP.NET Filters https://goo.gl/qzT1bE
  5. Filter Types • Invocation Filters - have both Executing/Executed methods

    that are called immediately before and immediately after the target job function is invoked. • Exception Filters - Exception filters will be called for exceptions occurring at any stage in the execution pipeline.
  6. Links worth sharing Imperative bindings are available for C# •

    https://goo.gl/6UDoh7 Using .NET class libraries with Azure Functions • https://goo.gl/HExTPZ More on Function Filters • https://goo.gl/51ET18