UX Mental Models

F70874714f4bb31b2ab4b6c70de39b04?s=47 Dave Wasmer
February 20, 2014

UX Mental Models

One of the cardinal rules of thumb in UX design is to leverage existing mental models.

It's no coincidence we have "files" scattered across our "desktop", or we load web "pages". All these metaphors were leveraged in the early days of computing to help users understand brand new concepts using existing mental models. But what happens when you introduce a concept with no easy real world metaphors?


Dave Wasmer

February 20, 2014


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  2. Disclaimer Not a UX expert

  3. What is a Mental Model? an intuitive understanding of a

    system based on past experience and/or logic
  4. None
  5. Mental Models in App UI duolingo

  6. None
  7. None
  8. None
  9. Mental Models in App UI Paper

  10. None
  11. Mental Models in App UI AWS EC2

  12. None
  13. Mental Models in App UI Heroku

  14. None
  15. Mental Models in App UI Kinvey

  16. What is a Backend?

  17. What is a Backend? Users?

  18. What is a Backend? Data?

  19. What is a Backend? Business Logic?

  20. Kinvey Features User Mangement Data Storage Collection Hooks Custom Endpoints

    Scheduled Code File Storage Email Templates Open Graph Google Places Foursquare Data Links Auth Links Push Notifications External BL
  21. None
  22. How do we handle this?

  23. How do we handle this? Simplify

  24. None
  25. None
  26. How do we handle this? Anchoring

  27. Mailchimp Email

  28. Twilio Phone + SMS

  29. Amazon EC2 Instances

  30. None
  31. Heroku Dynos

  32. Kinvey ?

  33. Kinvey Users + Analytics?

  34. Kinvey Data

  35. Your app’s mental model?

  36. Keep in mind …

  37. Keep in mind … Painful to change

  38. Keep in mind … You are biased

  39. Keep in mind … White lies can be helpful

  40. This is challenging stuff But also exciting

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  42. Think this is fun too? Kinvey is hiring!

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