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Barricade Product Deck

Barricade Product Deck

A slightly more product-oriented deck describing Barricade.io's product.


David Coallier

January 22, 2016


  1. Your operations product, for security.

  2. We thought security products were too complex, difficult to use

    and inaccessible - so we set out to build the most simple, human and intuitive security product ever made. In other words the kind of security product we want for ourselves. That’s Barricade.
  3. An early warning system against hackers. Using Barricade is like

    having a friendly security expert on your team. It quietly monitors your cloud servers’ network activity in the background and only requires your attention when something looks suspicious. Barricade allows you to focus on growing your business, while comprehensively covering your security. Have peace of mind in knowing that your business is well protected and when hackers do strike - you’ll be ready to handle it.
  4. Setup in seconds, 
 1 command install. We have made

    Barricade without a doubt - the easiest to install security product out there. You setup a small agent across your servers and you are set. From there we immediately start learning about your traffic behaviour, and also keep track of the software installed on your servers to make sure you aren’t vulnerable in obvious locations (More information about the agent here)
  5. Understand Everything, Respond Quickly. Barricade's main goal is not allowing

    you to see everything, but to understand everything that matters. Understanding the traffic you are receiving is the key. Identifying whether it’s good or bad, normal or threatening. Barricade uses artificial intelligence to highlight any abnormal and malicious behavior and gives you clear steps on how to deal with them through customised recommendations.
  6. Understand Everything. Clear Communications. Security can often be scary, confusing

    and downright adversarial. Complicated language and dense reports don’t help that. Our goal is to help you understand everything, no matter how technically complex it may be through concise, clear and simple human language that you can easily understand. Security, Simplified. By focusing on great design and user experience we have created a security product that can be used by everyone. Best of all, you don't need any previous security knowledge to use Barricade. We are making enterprise level security available to all.
  7. Real-time Analysis. Live Alerts. When something strange does happen, you

    will receive live alerts notifying you of the threat and the dashboard changes to a red alert status. You can set up alerts in many different ways including over email, through Slack or on Hipchat. We believe security products should play well and integrate with tools you use in your everyday life.
  8. Know how to respond. Clear actionable steps. Once you have

    been alerted of the threat, Barricade provides you with clear steps and recommendations on how to deal with the problem. We often supply the code you need to mitigate the threat and the immediate next steps.
  9. Technical Overview of the Agent Interaction If you are interested

    in learning more about the various mathematical models we use to learn and classify behaviour or knowing more about our agent, please do refer to our beautiful documentation. Meanwhile, here’s an very high-level overview of how Barricade works.
  10. Regardless of your level of security expertise, you shouldn’t have

    to stare at a screen all day trying to understand what your security stance is. We prefer empowering you to spend time with your customers and focusing on your business instead of the security of your business. That’s our job to allow you to focus. david@barricade.io