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Barricade seed extension deck

Barricade seed extension deck


David Coallier

January 22, 2016


  1. None
  2. T H E R E ’ S A P R

    O B L E M There's a huge gap between security and operations. The state of security is adversarial, confusing, expensive, exclusive and made for experts. It just isn’t made for today’s cloud application lifecycles. And… there’s a great lack of security professional availability.
  3. W I T H A S O L U T

    I O N A product that's easy to use, positive, and not distracting. We don't require contracts, maintenance and we're easy to automate. A product that learns and makes decisions in real-time. Show what matters, when it matters. Not distractions.
  4. By marrying cutting-edge machine learning and traditional methods. An operations

    product, for security. S O W E B U I LT T H E S O L U T I O N
  5. 1 command install

  6. Complete Security Overview

  7. Incident Alert & Response Within Seconds

  8. A N D W E ’ R E M A

    K I N G I T A P L AT F O R M . By turning our engine into an open API, we allow other companies and developers to take our core- value, add it to their workflow/data/product without needing to modify how they collect and analyze data. Integrate security into your product, without having to hire a team of security experts. We’re democratising security.
  9. Through our fully automated add ons marketplace.

  10. G R O W T H S T R AT

    E G Y Sales & Marketing Acquisition Customer Focus Retention Innovation Product Growth Docker and Containers Become a platform, open our engine through a public API Establish quarterly customer advisory board to drive segment specific features Channel Partners Data Sources from third party partners (box.com, dropbox.com, etc.) Online marketing: PPC, SEO SEM, SMM Inside Sales and Intelligent Lead Qualification High quality content distribution Early Stage Growth Programme Channel Partners Value-Add Resellers Targeted contextual messaging through activation steps Customized weekly reports and personalized industry news Every customer answered within 5 minutes Milestones defined customer-success path to increase conversion
  11. $61.8B $67.2B $175B 2012 2013 2020 Gartner M A R

    K E T S I Z E Worldwide Security & Cloud Security an $175B market by ‘20
  12. R E V E N U E M O D

    E L ( S A A S )
  13. R E V E N U E M O D

    E L ( R E S E L L E R S ) Resellers who sell our product get 5% of the user-generated revenue for a period of 12 months. Here are some of the resellers we are in discussions with: Trustnet*, Rapid7, Ntrepid*, Access IT Group, AccuNet, Accuvant, Alpine Cyber, Critical Start, infosec Cloud, EPS Networks Trustnet and Ntrepid have agreed. We’re looking to onboard them this month.
  14. R E V E N U E M O D

    E L ( A D D O N S ) A customer who enables an add-on will pay between 20-30% of their current subscription on the add-on provider. i.e. New Relic user comes to Barricade. The user currently pays New Relic $500 per month. The user enables the New Relic add-on. We charge $150 to automatically their New Relic data, and immediately augment the value of the data by adding real-time security insights. We make the add-on provider’s service more valuable in an instant. We are no longer asking the customers to change their workflow, we leverage data they are already collecting.
  15. W H O N E E D S B A

    R R I C A D E e-commerce (including social commerce) Smaller teams, fast adoption of technology. We approach the lead engineer and CTO healthcare & family Very sensitive information, driven by legislation, fast cloud adoption We approach the CTO and VP of Engineering. fintech Driven by legislation, well funded, naturally worried about security. We approach the CTO & VP of Engineering agencies Vecurity is a differentiator, busy, early cloud adopters, rapid deployment models We approach the CTO. Every business in the world needs security. Some know, some don’t know it yet. Every business will be able to benefit from lightweight, non-distracting and intuitive security, without requiring a security expert in-house. We honed in on the following targets.
  16. B A R R I C A D E F

    U N N E L Visited Site 3655 Start on boarding 229 (6.29%) Became users 54 (23.58%) Opened first case 16 (29.63%) Converted 5 (31.25%) We track how the people move through our product, on-boarding and conversion steps per channel (direct, social, referrals, etc). Here’s the breakdown for March since we got out of stealth, for organic traffic. *9.25% of users convert into customers.
  17. C O M P E T I T O R

    S I N T U I T I V E A N D S I M P L I F I E D S E C U R I T Y E X P E R T I S E R E Q U I R E D E X P E N S I V E & C O N T R A C T U A L IBM McAfee HP TripWire Symantec ProtectWise SourceFire CyberArms Cloud Developers & Operations Cloud Security Analysts Enterprise Open Source (DIY) Splunk ThreatStack Illumio Snort BrolDS Suricata Snorby CloudFlare AlertLogic FireEye CloudPassage AlienVault A S A S E R V I C E & A F F O R D A B L E AttackIQ evident.io
  18. O U R A M A Z I N G

    T E A M Sakae Nakijima Lead Frontend Engineer Pradeep Chhetri Cloud infrastructure engineer Keith Power, PhD Lead Data Science Engineer Louise Johnston Relationship Engineer, Business Development Jack Leonard Designer Eimear Junior Data Scientist Ross Duggan Head of Infrastructure Clodagh Monks Head of Finance Jeff Reich Chief Security Officer Daire Irwin Head of Product David Coallier Founder/CEO Dr. Supratik Roy Artificial Intelligence Research & Development Ronan Flynn Curran Content Engineer & UX
  19. P R O D U C T R O A

    D M A P S N A P S H O T https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P0b2vZdNehlyWhrzfR8FBax6U1tD1nZaAiK-RpzRM1M/edit#gid=15
  20. T H E A S K We raised $1.2M and

    built an epic product. We ship. We invested in our early adopters, understood their needs, understood how to find them, and created a delightful experience for them. We’re now scaling the sales, and are raising a seed extension. We understand our product fit, this round will bring us to market fit. We’re looking for $1.4M USD raised as a convertible note.
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