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Chatbots for Beginners

Chatbots for Beginners

My presentation on GDG Ahmedabad meetup "Chatbots for Beginners"


Daxeel Soni

June 17, 2017


  1. Chatbots for Beginners Daxeel Soni 17th June, 2017 GDG Meetup

  2. What is a Chatbot? Chatbot is an automated conversational interface

    based on some pre-defined instruction or AI to get access to data or services. Chatbots can be used for • Entertainment • Business • Marketing • Education etc.
  3. Chatbot Platforms Messaging Apps New Browsers Chatbots New Apps

  4. Chatbot Types 1. Flow Based Bots 2. AI Based Bots

    • No AI. • Trained to do specific tasks. • Structured Communication. • AI is the driven component here. • Automated Training • Can handle unstructured comm.
  5. Why Chatbots? • No need to install any other 3rd

    party apps. • Faster than web & mobile apps. • Consumes minimum of internet data. • Immediate answers. • Multi-channel support.
  6. Chatbots Growth

  7. Chatbots Growth

  8. Use Cases

  9. Some Use Cases • In ticket, flight bookings • Food,

    medicine deliveries. • Customer support in business. • Search super cool destination for your next trip. • Event management and engagement. • E-commerce • Internet of Things • Alert about news, scores etc.
  10. Dominating Areas Retail Industry Local Services Customer Service 1 Time

    Use Cases Online Bookings
  11. Resources • https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger- platform • https://core.telegram.org/bots/api • https://chatbotsmagazine.com/ • https://chatbotslife.com/

  12. Speaker Daxeel Soni Programmer | Maker | Product Dev |

    Educator | Undergrad Student http://daxeel.github.io daxeelsoni daxeelsoni daxeel daxeel_soni daxeel