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Jambo | NLP based Chatbot

Jambo | NLP based Chatbot

We have developed this chatbot from scratch during 36 hours Code Vadodara hackathon. Fore more details, see this presentation.


Daxeel Soni

June 20, 2016


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  2. Code Vadodara Jambo - Artificial Intelligence based Smart Assistant. Healthcare

    + Arts & Culture CodeMeet 1. Daxeel Soni 2. Kashyap Raval 3. Meet Patel
  3. Agenda • Team Introduction • Theme & Problem Statement •

    Solution • How it works? • Execution Plan
  4. Team Introduction Daxeel Soni • Pursuing 2nd year computer engineering

    from Silver Oak College. • Backend PYTHON programmer. Kashyap Raval • Pursuing 2nd year computer engineering from Alpha College. • Backend PYTHON programmer. Meet Patel • Pursuing 2nd year computer engineering from AIT College. • Backend PHP programmer.
  5. Theme & Problem Statement Themes Selected • HealthCare • Arts

    & Culture Problem Statement Solving the problems regarding easy data accessibility in healthcare, transportation, education and information sectors with some unique & innovative technologies.
  6. Solution To solve described problem statement, we have created Artificial

    Intelligence based smart ChatBot. Why ChatBot? According to research ongoing currently, there was an era of website, then we came to mobile apps now researchers predicting the next era of ChatBots. “The world is about to be re-written, and bots are going to be a big part of the future.” - CNBC “Chatbots will eat the web and mobile industry in next few years.” - Unknown
  7. Quick Look

  8. What are the ChatBots? A computer program designed to simulate

    conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. Companies focusing on this technology
  9. What is Jambo? Jambo is Artificial Intelligence based custom chatbot

    to support the smart city movement. With Jambo, every citizen can get his city and info in his fingertips. Now, getting information of your city regarding • HealthCare • Events • Transportation is as simple as chatting.
  10. Jambo Services Currently we have focused on 3 core features

    of city. Search doctors by speciality in emergency situations. Explore the events happening in your city. Search available public transportation medium to reach any specific place.
  11. How Jambo fullfills the concept of Smart City? Nowadays, everyone

    is habituated with chatting. So, why don’t we use this technology to provide smart services to citizens? Rather installing different types of apps for different services, we can provide all the services related to city in one single platform. Now, there is no need to go too and fro for accessing the services. Just start asking Jambo and he will reply you the results you want! :)
  12. Jambo is Beautiful! :)

  13. How it works? Openshift Cloud Python + Flask PHP User

    Interface For real time cloud computing For AI, data mining & API creation For API communication
  14. Technical Concepts Used • Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing

    • Data Mining • Cloud Computing • Real Time Data Accessibility
  15. Execution Plan • We will convince more and more doctors

    & chemists to join with us to take appointment and take medicine orders through Jambo. • We will collect more and accurate data regarding bus and railway schedules and informations. • We will encourage tutors to solve queries of students through Jambo. • We will pitch to government to release announcement and information via Jambo.
  16. Future Plans This is just our very small but smart

    step towards making city smart. We have more plans to integrate with Jambo. • Book doctor appointment • Order medicines • Realtime Bus Status • Bus & Railway routes • Live student query solution • Receive direct announcements from government • Get important rules of city. • Search city’s history and famous places
  17. Jambo says “Thank You”

  18. Let’s see Jambo in Action