Permutations, Pattern Avoidance, and Catalan Numbers

77d59004fef10003e155461c4c47e037?s=47 Dana Ernst
March 01, 2014

Permutations, Pattern Avoidance, and Catalan Numbers

In this talk, we will discuss an interesting connection between certain permutations of the symmetric group, pattern avoidance, and Catalan numbers. Along the way, we will explore visual representations of permutations in terms string diagrams and heaps, as well as touch on an open problem involving Coxeter groups.

This talk was given by my undergraduate research student Molly Green (Northern Arizona University) on March 1, 2014 at the Southwestern Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference (SUnMaRC) at Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ.


Dana Ernst

March 01, 2014