Convincing Your Boss to Go Mobile Now

Convincing Your Boss to Go Mobile Now

A lot of organizations recognize the need to provide their Web visitors with a better mobile experience, but struggle with how to get there. What do you do when the decision to invest in mobile is in somebody else's hands? Trying to get all vested stakeholders onboard can be an overwhelming challenge. How do you factor in the needs of your content authors? How do you address the disparity of devices that exist? What's going to be the most sensible long-term or short-term investment of development resources? If you want to get your project off the ground, you're going to need a plan. This talk is about how to build a solid case for mobile. We'll examine it from a few angles:

What does the explosive growth of mobile means for most businesses?
How do you choose implementation tactics that align with a future-friendly strategy?
How do you respond to common objections, and use sketching and prototyping to sell your plan?
Arm yourself with some useful data, actionable techniques, and mobile web best practices that will help you convince your clients, your boss, or others in your organization, to go mobile now!


Dennis Kardys

April 20, 2013