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Convincing Your Boss to Go Mobile Now

Convincing Your Boss to Go Mobile Now

A lot of organizations recognize the need to provide their Web visitors with a better mobile experience, but struggle with how to get there. What do you do when the decision to invest in mobile is in somebody else's hands? Trying to get all vested stakeholders onboard can be an overwhelming challenge. How do you factor in the needs of your content authors? How do you address the disparity of devices that exist? What's going to be the most sensible long-term or short-term investment of development resources? If you want to get your project off the ground, you're going to need a plan. This talk is about how to build a solid case for mobile. We'll examine it from a few angles:

What does the explosive growth of mobile means for most businesses?
How do you choose implementation tactics that align with a future-friendly strategy?
How do you respond to common objections, and use sketching and prototyping to sell your plan?
Arm yourself with some useful data, actionable techniques, and mobile web best practices that will help you convince your clients, your boss, or others in your organization, to go mobile now!

Dennis Kardys

April 20, 2013

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  1. Mobile is a REAL struggle. Less than 10% of sites

    are mobile ready! source: Stat Counter, http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_vs_desktop-US-yearly-2011-2012-bar

    a Mo Willems Illustration from “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy” http://amzn.to/1LGW0N (buy his books they are the best.)
  3. Right here, RIGHT NOW interactions! Beyond Usable Modified from a

    Mo Willems Illustration from “The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog” http://amzn.to/11rYuqF (buy his books they are the best.)
  4. Better experiences can drive business. 74% of people say they're

    more likely to return to a mobile friendly site in the future... source: Think With Google, “What Users Want From Mobile Today” - http://bit.ly/Qivs98
  5. 67% more likely to buy a business’ product or service

    +67% source: Google, “What Users Want From Mobile Today” - http://bit.ly/Qivs98
  6. but something BIG & HEFTY is in the way Source:

    http://veevr.com/videos/T5JDnx0pf Madagascar 2
  7. ...the people farthest from understanding the technology are often the

    ones making the strategic decisions. —Dan Willis
  8. “The purpose of the pitch isn’t necessarily to move others

    to adopt your idea, it’s to offer something so compelling it begins a conversation” -daniel pink
  9. ( ) 219 million smartphones shipped last quarter of 2012

    ~ WHY NOW~ source: NBC News, http://nbcnews.to/XGd619 +44% SINCE 2011
  10. 865 MILLION ~ Predicted this year ~ source: NBC News,

    http://nbcnews.to/XGd619 smartphones will ship
  11. Anytime / Anywhere Connectivity ~ THE EXPECTATION BECOMES ~ image

    credit, car: Okan Benn for the Noun Project. http://thenounproject.com/noun/car/#icon-No1335
  12. 65% 60% 4% source: Think With Google, “The New Multi

    Screen World” - http://bit.ly/Qivs98 multiscreen behavior most online activities begin on mobile, then continue on other devices
  13. C.O.P.E ? ? By centralizing content, NPR's total page view

    growth increased over 80%. source: “NPR’s API, Create Once Publish Everywhere”, http://bit.ly/Y8flKL
  14. Build flexible, modular systems. ~ HOW TO GET THERE ~

    (CC BY-SA) http://www.flickr.com/photos/bdesham/2432400623/
  15. Responsive Design GOOGLE BEST PRACTICE! Serve content and code from

    a single source source: “Google,” http://bit.ly/LsHxa1
  16. Stay on target. Seamless, consistent experience, Access to similar tasks

    and content, Single content source. ~ HOW TO GET THERE ~
  17. Explain the bottom line Reduce long-term cost while expanding reach

    and preparing for the future! ~ Getting Buy In ~
  18. Start Small Getting Buy In Get some quick wins by

    targeting microsites or campaign sites
  19. 55% of adult cell owners use the internet on their

    mobile phones; doubled from 2009 17% of all adult cell owners are “cell- mostly internet users” source: Google, “What Users Want From Mobile Today” - http://bit.ly/Qivs98
  20. 30% of people used their phone to decide whether to

    visit a business in the past 30 days. 46% of people won’t return to a website they had trouble accessing on a phone, 57% won’t recommend it . source: Google, “What Users Want From Mobile Today” - http://bit.ly/Qivs98
  21. 77% of cell internet users are dissatisfied with the time

    it takes for sites to load.* 61% said that they’d quickly move onto another site if they didn’t find what they’re looking for right away. source: Google, “What Users Want From Mobile Today” - http://bit.ly/Qivs98
  22. Make them look good. Give a reason why, arm them

    with data, pave the path. ~ HOW TO MOVE HIPPOS ~