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Astronomical software

Astronomical software

My slides from the 5-year anniversary of CCA.

Dan Foreman-Mackey

October 25, 2021

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  1. [today] The past, present, & future of open - source

    software development and support at CCA.
  2. a selection of some* CCA-supported software: and some open -

    source meta projects: * my apologies for neglecting your favorites!
  3. [here at CCA] We support software that is: [1] Useful

    (often broadly) [2] Easy to use [3] Well - tested & documented
  4. [here at CCA] We have the privilege of developing methods/libraries/etc.

    without being in service to a specif i c project
  5. 2

  6. A lot of useful open - source software is produced

    by astronomers who don’t have the expertise or capacity to maintain it. 3
  7. We have an opportunity to def i ne CCA’s role

    in this: [education] [consulting] [support] […]
  8. [here at CCA] Some opportunities: [1] Hiring [2] Presenting shared

    values [3] Building & supporting communities [4] More!